Free Fire OB26 Activation Code for January 2021

We take a look at Free Fire OB26 Activation Code and the steps to use it.


Free Fire is a very well-known battle royale game developed by Garena Games. Likewise the game has garnered massive popularity among players all throughout the world. Its popularity is a direct effect of the developers releasing events and items to keep the game fresh for the players. Moreover the developers release frequent updates that change the game and improve some features. Before hitting the live servers, these new changes are tested out in Advance Servers. In this article we take a look at Free Fire OB26 Activation Code for January 2021.

Free Fire OB26 Advance Servers


Free Fire developers recently announced the OB26 update and players are very excited for it. The OB26 testing phase is currently running and players can join the Advance servers to test it out and look for bugs. The download for the Free Fire Ob26 Advance Server commenced on 21st January 2021.

Free Fire OB26 Activation Code

To access the Advance Server, players need to have the activation code. However this will only be available for a few players.

After the registration process is completed, the developers will review the application. Likewise they will select the players and provide them with the code.

Therefore only the developers can give out the Activation code. Players who don’t have the Activation Code cannot access the Advance Server.

However in case you are one of the chosen ones to get the code, you can follow these steps:

  1. After downloading the APK file for OB26 Advance Server players need to install the same. Alternatively you can click here to download.
  2. Then players must open the Advance Server and click on guest option. Then users can then enter the Activation Code in the dialog box.
  3. Click the Ok button.

After this players can access the Free Fire OB26 Advance Server.

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