Free Fire OB27 update patch notes: All you need to know

The Free Fire OB27 update patch notes are now out and the players can take a look at all the changes coming to the game right now.

Free Fire OB27 update patch notes
Free Fire OB27 update patch notes: All you need to know

The Free Fire OB27 update is now out on live servers and players are eager to know what is new to the game. Therefore, we discuss the Free Fire OB27 update patch notes and discuss all the changes that are coming to the game.

The patch notes are out in all its glory and there are new champions, weapons, items, cosmetics and more. The list is endless and so is the player’s excitement. This is one of the biggest patches and the complete Free Fire OB27 update patch notes are discussed below.

Free Fire OB27 update patch notes

Free Fire OB27 update patch notes
Free Fire

Clash Squad

Rank Season 6

  • The next ranked Clash Squad starts on April 15, 2021 at 2:30 PM IST (+5:30 GMT)
  • The reward for reaching Gold 3 is ‘The Golden M500’.

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Dynamic Store

The Clash Squad this season will feature multiple sets of stores. They are:

  • Store Alpha
  • Store Beta
  • Store Charlie
  • Store Delta
  • Store Mysterious (Casual Mode only)


The Bermuda 2.0 is making its grand return to the game and is now there to stay permanently.

Weapon Attachments

In Clash Squad mode the weapon attachments are permanently attached to the weapon.

Dynamic Plazone

The Final Playzone Adjustment for Clash Squad will make the circle different each time.


New character – Maro

Ability: Falcon Fervor – Damage increases with distance, up to {5/7/10/14/19/25}%. Damage to marked enemies increases by {1/1.5/2/2.5/3/3.5}%

New Character – Xayne

Ability: Xtreme Encounter – Gets 80 HP temporarily, {40/50/61/73/86/100}% increased damage to Gloo Walls and shields. Lasts for 10s. Cooldown: {150/140/130/120/110/100}s.


  • Time Turner: Force Field – 600 damage
  • Force Field Area: 2-> 2.5
  • Force Field Time: 4/5/6/7/8/9-> 3/4/5/6/7/8
  • Self Movement Speed: 15/18/21/24/27/30%-> 5/7/9/11/13/15%
  • Ally movement speed: Removed
  • Cooldown: 40s-> 200/192/185/179/174/170s


  • Camouflage: Transform Duration: 10/11/12/13/14/15s
  • [New] Firing the weapon will cancel Camouflage’s effect.
  • [New] Taking down an enemy will reset the cooldown.
  • Cooldown: 300/280/260/240/220/200


  • Dead Silent: (New) It is now a passive.
  • Silencing effect while using snipers and marksman rifles. Enemies knocked will lose {20/23/27/32/38/45}% HP faster.

Hayato “Firebrand”

  • Art of Blades: (New) It is now a passive skill.
  • Reduce frontal damage by {1/1.5/2/2.5/3/3.5%} for every 10% of max HP loss.


  • Thrill of Battle: Quickly convert 25/30/35/40/45/50 -> 20/26/33/41/50/60 EP into HP
  • Conversion Speed: 5->4s
  • Cooldown 90/80/75/70/65/60s -> 10s


  • Afterburner: Driving speed increased by 2/4/6/8/10/12% -> 5/6/8/11/15/20%
  • Damage taken while in a vehicle decreased by 5/10/15/20/25/30% -> 5/8/12/17/23/30%
  • [New] Misha is harder to be targeted at while driving.


Healing Touch: Revive will now res with an extra  6/12/18/24/30/40 -> 30/36/43/51/60/70 HP.


Gluttony: Eating and using Medkits faster by 2/4/6/8/10/12% -> 15/18/22/27/33/40%.

Character System

  • Changes in the Character System:
  • Brand new UI for the Character system.
  • Character max level reduced from 8->6
  • Awakening Character’s Skills will now have the effect of the original Character skill.
  • Upgrading Character levels will no longer cost any gold and diamonds

Classic Battle Royal Mode

Free Fire OB27 update patch notes
Free Fire

Vending Machines

  • The Vending Machines will now be visible on the mini-map. Playzone damage doesn’t interrupt them.
  • They will be available on all maps.

Revival Points

  • The Revival Point is now available on all maps.
  • Its is now available in Battle Royale – Casual

Training Grounds

Boxing Ring

Boxing Ring now available in Training Grounds.


  • Added rankings for the Target Arcade.
  • Players can now add each other as friends in the Social Zone.
  • Lowered weapon sound for the Social Zone.
  • Added battle stats in the Combat Zone.

Weapons and Balance

The Free Fire OB27 update patch notes contains many new additions and some buffs and nerfs to weapons.

Free Fire OB27 update patch notes
Free Fire

New Weapon: Kord (Battle royale and Clash Squad)

  • Base Damage: 35
  • Rate of Fire: 0.21
  • Magazine: 80
  • Attachment Slot: Scope
  • Can crouch to activate Machinegun Mode

FAMAS – Weapon Stats Adjustment

  • Base Damage: 28 -> 30
  • Minimum Damage: 11-> 12
  • Burst Speed: +11%
  • Recoil Build Up: +20%

UMP – Weapon Stats Adjustment

  • Base Damage: 24->25
  • Rate of Fire: -5%
  • Precise Shots: +1
  • Accuracy: +25%
  • Moving Accuracy: +13%
  • Movement Speed While Shooting: +21%

FF Knife – Weapon Stats Adjustment

  • Damage to downed enemies +80.

MAG-7 – Weapon Stats Adjustment

  • Accuracy: +8%
  • Accuracy While Moving: +4%
  • Max Recoil: -14%

Vector – Weapon Stats Adjustment

  • Headshot Multiplier: 550%->400%
  • Effective range in Akimbo: -10%
  • Recoil in Akimbo: +10%
  • Max Recoil in Akimbo: +50%
  • Reload Speed: -25%
  • Removed the muzzle attachment slot.
  • Magazine Size: 30->25

M82B – Weapon Stats Adjustment

  • Ballistic Rounds: Extra damage to Vehicles, barrels, and Gloo Walls: 1->0.6
  • Damage multiplier to players behind Gloo Walls: 0.8 -> 0.6

M14 – Weapon Stats Adjustment

  • Minimum Damage: 25->30

Flashbang – Stats Adjustment

  • Players can now cook the Flashbang.
  • Flash Duration: 8->2.2

Smoke Grenade – Stats Adjustment

  • Increase the speed of smoke blooming.
  • Throw distance increased.
  • Now available in the Battle Royale Mode via airdrops.

Machine Gun Mode – Available for All Machine Guns

Machine Gun Mode can be activated while crouching and proning.

  • Machine Gun Mode: M60: Rate of Fire: +28%
  • M249: Damage +5
  • Kord: Rate of Fire: +5%, 3 shots will be shot at once.


Loadout Menu

  • New Loadout Menu available

Heroic Emblem

  • Heroic Emblem now available.


  • Players can now see others’ active skill while spectating.
  • Fixed a bug where no damages are dealt on hit.
  • Optimization of the in-game HUD menu.
  • Rank interface now supported in team lobby.
  • Players can now report inappropriate behaviour in world chat.
  • The Emote, Pet Emote, Prone, Ping, and Legendary Costume button can now be hidden on the HUD menu.

To read the complete patch notes click here.

The Free Fire OB27 update patch notes will be an exciting turn from the OB26 update and players can even earn a reward in-game by downloading it.

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