Free Fire OB29 Update: Advance Server Release Date And More

Garena Free Fire frequently introduces updates and patches in the game to fix bugs and introduce new characters and features. Here we will take a look at Free Fire OB29 update advance server release date and more.

OB29 Advance server
OB29 Advance Server

Garena Free Fire frequently introduces new updates to the title to fix previous bugs and introduce new features, pets, characters and more adjustments. Each update adds new content and features to the game, keeping it fresh and improving the overall experience. After the excellent reception to the Free Fire OB28 update, released in early June, players eagerly anticipate version OB29.

The onset of registrations for Advance Server has only contributed to the hype surrounding the update, expected to be launched in a few days. Here in this article we will take a look at Free Fire OB29 update, advance server, release date and more.

Free Fire OB29 Update: Advance Server

Free Fire OB29 Update
Free Fire OB29 Update

According to various leaks, the Free Fire OB29 update is expected to be released around either on August 4th or August 5th. These expected dates are based on the fact that the Clash Squad ranked season ends on August 5th. Also, Free Fire released a few previous updates just a day before the season’s end.

On patch day, the servers will be down for maintenance for a few hours, after which users can enjoy the new version. To sum it up, the Free Fire OB29 update might go live around the two dates provided above.

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OB29 Advance Server Registration

The Free Fire OB29 Advance Server registrations began on July 16th, and interested users can head to the official website for the same. It is worth noting that the timeline for this test has not been announced yet, and players expect the developers to make further revelations about the same.

The download for the Free Fire OB29 Advance Server APK will start on July 21st. Therefore, there is a high possibility of it being opened on the same date as it was done the last time. Even though all users will be able to get the client, only a handful can access it as an Activation Code is compulsory to log in to the Advance Server. Moreover, only a few codes are available, which Garena gives out only to the selected users.

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