Free Fire One Punch Man Knockout Event in Faded Wheel: All you need to know

We take a look a the Free Fire One Punch Man Knockout Event.


Free Fire is a massively popular battle royale genre. Likewise it has garnered a massive player base all around the world. Free Fire is known for its collaborations with various famous personalities and such. The most recent collaboration features the well known Japanese anime character, One Punch Man. Fans have been eagerly waiting for the collaboration and now its finally here. Free Fire One Punch Man Knockout event is now live on the servers for the players.

Free Fire One Punch Man Knockout Event

The event is now live on the servers with a duration from 10th to 23rd January. This event comes in directly with the collaboration between Free Fire and One Punch Man. Likewise players can compete in the Faded Wheel Draw for a chance at the exclusive rewards.

The event is a Faded wheel draw and contains the following prize pool:

  1. Mighty Fist (Grand Prize)
  2. Shark Tooth (SCAR) x3
  3. Colorful eggs
  4. Spikey Spine Weapon Loot Crate
  5. Summon Airdrop
  6. Cube Fragment
  7. Pet Food
  8. Rainbow Egg
  9. Diamond Royale Voucher
  10. Part Animal Weapon Loot Crate

The Mighty Fist is a Easter egg for the collaboration with One Punch Man. The first look like red hot energy channelling through the hands and is very similar to the Flaming Fist.

How to get the Might Fist reward from the event

  1. First of all players need to open their Free Fire app and navigate to the Free Fire One Punch Man Knockout Faded Wheel event.
  2. To do this players can either click on the pop-up that appears on the home page. Alternatively they can also find it under the Luck Royale option on the left of the home page.
  3. Players need to select two items to discard before they can spin. After doing so players can spin the wheel to get the items.
  4. Once a prize is won, it won’t be available again. Therefore players only to spin the wheel 8 times to obtain all the prizes.
  5. However the spins require the players to use diamonds. Likewise the diamonds cost for each spin will increase. The list goes like this: 9,19,39,69,99,199,299,599 diamonds.
  6. Therefore to get all the items players need to spend a total of 1332 diamonds.

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