Free Fire Pro League 2021 Match Day 1: Overall Standings, and More

Free Fire Pro League 2021 Summer day 1 has been concluded yesterday with Team 4 Unkown finishing at the top of the overall standings with 74 points and 38 kills.

free fire pro league
Team 4 Unknown (All Images via Free Fire Esports India YT Channel
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Free Fire Pro League India Summer 2021 is an ongoing tournament entering its second phase of Group stages. Group A and Group B had their games yesterday. A total of six matches on Match day 1 had been played yesterday.

Team 4 Unknown has finished at the top of the Day of FFPL 2021 with 38 kills and 74 points. Team S8UL has managed to clinch the second spot with 24 kills and 66 points. Team captains, the dominators of FFCO 2021 Hyderabad Finals has secured the third spot with 31 kills and 64 points.

free fire india pro league
Map recap FFPL 2021 Summer Match day 1

Galaxy Racers had a bad day finishing at 12 th position with 9 kills and 18 points overall. Team Total Gaming had secured the 10th spot with 12 kills and 28 overall points.

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Free Fire Pro League 2021 day 1 Overall standing:

free fire pro league
free fire pro league day 1 overall standing
  • Match 1: Match one of the FFPL 2021 Group stages is played on the classic map of Bermuda. Team Hackers had got booyah in this match with 6 kills. Team S8UL had finished the second with 5 kills whereas Team D eSports has finished third with 6 kills.
  • Match 2: Match 2 is played on the Purgatory map. Team Last breath had won this match with 9 kills whereas Team Chaos and S8UL has finished at second and third spots with 12 and 9 kills respectively.
  • Match 3: Match 3 is played on Kalahari. Team 4 Unkown has won this match by securing 12 kills. GodLike had finished at the second spot with 1 kill.
  • Match 4: Match 4 is played in Bermuda again. Godlike won this match by securing a total of 8 eliminations. Team S8UL has finished second with 4 frags.
  • Match 5: Match 5 is played on the Purgatory map. Team 4 Unknown has secured this match by taking 11 eliminations.  Ankush Free Fire secured second place with four frags.
  • Match 6: Final match is played in Kalahari. Team Ankush Free Fire has secured Booyah in this match with 6 kills. Team Chaos has finished second with 5 kills to their name.

Group B and Group C will have their Group stage matches today i.e., 27 June. The tournament Will be live streamed on the Free Fire Esports India YouTube channel.

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