Free Fire Pro League (FFPL) 2021 Day 4: Overall Standings and More

Free Fire Pro League 2021 Summer has concluded its fourth match day with Team Captains leading the points table with 73 points. The overall standings of all 4 days is still led by Team Elite with 200 points.

Free Fire Pro League 2021 Summer is in full swing with its league stage matches. The fourth day of this exclusive Indian tournament has concluded its fourth matchday where Group A and B have faced each other in the game today. The day has concluded with Team Captains topping the table with 73 points and 34 kills.

Match Day 3 overall table was topped by Team Captains with 73 points whereas the Galaxy Racer losing the first spot with just 1 point and had to remain in second place with 72 points and 28 kills.

The overall standings table after 4 matchdays are still topped by the Team Elite with 200 points. Team 4 Unknown has shown exemplary gameplay today which have led them to the second spot in this combined overall standings table.

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After Four days (Combined FFPL results table)

Free Fire Pro League 2021 FFPL Day 2: Overall Standing

ffpl 2021
Matchday 4 points table

The first match was played on the Bermuda map. This match was claimed by Team 4 Unknown with 4 kills whereas Team Last Breathe finished at second place with 9 kills.

The second match was played on Purgatory map of the Free Fire which was won by the FFIC 2021 Champions Galaxy Racer with a total of 8 frags to their name. Team 4 Unknown finished second with 5 kills.

The third was claimed by Ankush Free Fire with a total of 6 kills and Team PVS clinched the second spot with one kill. Team 4 Unknown is eliminated at the fourth spot in this match.

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Team Last Breathe emerged victorious in the fourth match of Day 4 by securing a total of 8 kills and Team PVS finished at third spot with 8 kills whereas Team captains made it to the second spot

The fifth match was won by Team Captains with 4 kills, while the Team Galaxy Racer claimed the second spot with 8 kills.

The last and final match of day 4 was claimed by fan-favourite team S8UL with 5 kills to their name. Ankush Free Fire has finished at the second spot with 3 kills.

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FFPL 2021 Summer Matchday 4 Map Recap

Team 4 Unknown has caught up their momentum back and have surpassed all the teams to be on the top 2 spots again after Matchday 2. On day 2, Team 4 Unknown was on top, but after day 3, Team Elite has taken the position back from them. The next matchday 5 of the tournament will be conducted Saturday i.e., July 10 where Group B and Group C will battle it out. The match will be live-streamed on Free Fire Esports India YouTube Channel.

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