Free Fire Pro League (FFPL) 2021 Summer Match Day 3: Overall standings, MVP and More

Free Fire Pro League Mach day 3 has concluded with Team Elite topping the overall points table with 200 points. TSM FTX followed them closely, stood second with 141 points.

Free Fire Pro League 2021 Summer is an ongoing tournament in India, and it has completed three match days out of six match days between three groups. The third day of FFPL is dominated by Team Elite and have put a total of 200 points on the board so far in the tournament overall.

The third matchday was in-between groups A and C, where Team Elite has dominated the third day of the FFPL league stages. Team Elite has secured 46 kills and 99 points overall topping the table. Galaxy Racers have finished at the second spot with 67 points and 28 kills, whereas Life Hackers at the third spot with 29 kills and 55 points.

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FFPL 2021 Summer Overall Standings after Day 3 (combined results of 3 matchdays)

Looking at the Overall standings after 3 days, Team Elite have conquested the top spot and have overthrown the team 4 Unkown with 200 points. TSM FTX has placed second with 141 points after 3 days.

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Free Fire Pro League 2021 Day 3 Match Standings:

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Free Fire Pro League Day 3 Standings

The first match of the Day 3 was played on Bermuda Map of Free Fire. Team Elite has won this match with 10 frags to their name. Team Survivor 4AM has finished second with 4 kills.

The second match, played on a purgatory map, was won by Team Elite again with a total amount of 12 kills to their name, where their teammate Old Monk alone took 7 kills. Team S8UL finished second in this match with eight kills and whereas Team Survivor 4AM finished third with 8 kills.

The third match of the Day 3 was played on Kalahari Map and was won by Team Life Hackers by securing a total of 13 kills to their name. Team Total Gaming finished at the second spot in this match with 7 kills.

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Team Galaxy Racers Dominated the Day 3

The fourth match of day 3 was by Team Life hackers again with a total of 9 kills to their name. Team Total Gaming has finished second.

The fifth match was won by Team Galaxy Racers with nine kills. Team Elite are the runner ups in this match with 7 kills.

The last match which is the sixth for the day was won by Team Galaxy Racers with a total of 13 kills. Team Elite finished second with seven frags.

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MVP of the Matchday 3

Team Elite showed exemplary gameplay which led to the top of the overall standing table with more than a total of 200 points in total. The next matchday of the tournament will be conducted today i.e., July 4 where Group A and Group B will battle it out. The match will be live-streamed on Free Fire Esports India YouTube Channel.

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