Free Fire Rampage Pass Event: Earn Rebel Academy Gloo Wall and More!

A new Free Fire Rampage Pass event has been launched today. The pass is available for 99 diamonds only where you can get three exclusive rewards for 99 diamonds including Rebel Academy Gloo Wall Skin.

Rampage pass in Free Fire

Free Fire has been launching several events after the OB28 update offering various exclusive rewards for players. Today, a new event titled Rampage Pass has been released which we will discuss details regarding the new event.

Free Fire has emerged as the most played battle royale games on the mobile gaming platform. The BR title has a great community with millions of active users. A set of new events would be launched featuring various exclusive rewards up for grabs. Since these events are time-limited, players have to claim the rewards before the event runs out.

Let us take a look at the new Free Fire Rampage Pass event and its rewards.

Free Fire Rampage Pass Event

Free Fire rampage pass event
Rampage Pass Event in Free Fire

Free Fire has released a new event Rampage Pass event that commences from today i.e., on June 15 ad goes live up to Monday i.e., on June 21. The event does not take much weight from your wallet and all it takes is an amount of 99 Diamonds. At such a prize, players can stand a chance to win Rebel Academy Gloo Wall, Lucky KDI Thompson Skin along with a Crimson Parkour female bundle. All you need to do is invest 99 diamonds to win these exclusive rewards.

There are three sections in total of this new event which are titled as:

  • Daily Login Rewards: Contains Rebel Academy Gloo Wall
  • Daily Mission & Shop: contains Thompson skin
  • Play matches & Win rewards: contain crimson parkour female bundle

From the above 3 rewards, you can get Bundle for free just by playing matches daily during the event period. You are given 5 spin chances in a day for playing 5 matches. After 20 spins, you are guaranteed to win the bundle. Before knowing how to win the rewards let us know how to open the event.

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How to access the Rampage Pass event

Step 1: Launch Garena Free Fire on your device and tap on the ‘Calendar’ icon present on the right side of the main lobby.

Step 2: Navigate to the ‘News’ section and tap on ‘Rampage pass’ event then click on ‘Go To.’

Free Fire rampage pass event
Click on ‘Go to’ to access the event

How to get Crimson Parkour Bundle in Free Fire?

Adobe Post 20210615 1222590.7673970073261643 - FirstSportz
Crimson Parkour Bundle
  • Play Five ranked matches in the game. Then you will get 5 spin chances to spin the wheel for free
  • Open the event with the above-mentioned process and head to the last section titled ‘Play Matches & Win Rewards.’
  • You can try your luck by spinning the wheel to win the prize with the spins you have won.
  • However, the bundle can be obtained after 20 spins

How to get Thompson Lucky KDI skin?

Adobe Post 20210615 1221260.9256830683626776 - FirstSportz
New thompson skin
  • Open the event and buy the pass for 99 diamonds.
  • Head to the Daily Mission & Shop section in the event.
  • Thereby you can find 3 mission that rewards you tiger tokens upon completing them. Redeem the skin with tiger tokens
  • The skin requires x20 tokens and you can win 1 token for 1 mission. However, you can get new missions by exchanging gold coins.

How to get Rebel Academy Gloo Wall

Adobe Post 20210615 1222160.7478027828689654 - FirstSportz
Rebel Academy Gloo Wall – Rampage Pass in Free Fire
  • Buy the pass for the event for 99 diamonds and head to the Daily Login Rewards.
  • You can have 7 free time-limited rewards that you can claim for logging-in to the game.
  • After collecting the 7-days rewards you can claim the gloo wall skin. Make sure that you don’t skin any login rewards otherwise, you will have to pay for missed log-in rewards

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