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Free Fire Ranked Season 23 Start date and time and Season 22 end-time revealed

Free Fire Ranked Season 22 will end on August 29 and the new Season 23 will commence on the same day.

Free Fire ranked season 23 is right around the corner and the new season will reset all players current rank in the game. Let us know more about the new season in this article.

Undoubtedly, Free Fire is one of the most played and popular BR titles on the mobile gaming platform. The game offers quality content for its users which is one of the reasons behind its unparalleled popularity. The game esports scene is brewing high with new organisations coming in and with hitting milestones in watch records. The developers constantly bring in new rewards, events and many more alongside the periodic updates. The game has a ranking system alike all other BR titles on the platform. Both CS mode and BR mode (game modes) have a ranking system ranging from Bronze(lowest) to Grandmaster (highest). The ongoing ranked season is 22 and it is going to conclude soon.

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Free Fire Ranked Season 22 End date and time revelead

The current FF ranked season 22 had released on July 2nd and has been active since then. August 30 will mark the end of the ongoing Free Fire Ranked Season 22. Based on the previous season end times, this season will conclude around 12:30 PM IST (+GMT 5:30). Players rank and their tier will be reset based on the current rank that they are holding now. After the Season goes inactive, players cannot play the ranked mode till a new season arrives. Each rank that they are holding will offer players rewards according to their tier rank. The higher the tier, the greater the reward will be.


As mentioned above, the player’s rank tier will be reset after season 22 expires. Here are the ranks that players will hold in the upcoming season based on their current season’s rank:

Free Fire Ranked Season 23 Start date and time and Season 22 end-time revealed 2
Season 22 Rank and pointswill be reset to this Rank in Season 23 and their points
Bronze I to III (from 1,000 to 1,300 points)Bronze I (1,000 points)
Silver I to III (from 1,301 to 1,600 points)Bronze II (1,175 points)
Gold I to IV (from 1,601 and 2,100 points) Silver I (1,350 points)
Platinum I to IV (from 2,101 and 2,600 points)Silver II (1,500 points)
Diamond I to IV (from 2,600 and 3,200 points)Silver II (1,500 points)
Heroic and >Heroic (3,200+) Gold II (1,750 points)

It will be a new choice for all players who wish to get their rank high in the next season. They are suggested to start the rank push after the new season starts.

Free Fire Ranked Season 23 start date and time

The new FF ranked season goes live on the day of the conclusion of the existing season. It means Free Fire Ranked Season 23 will start on August 30 2021 and it will go live around 2:30 PM IST(+GMT 5:30). New rewards and a new rank season will await players tomorrow.

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