Garena Free Fire Season 36 Elite Pass Manic Circus Rewards

Garena Free Fire Season 36 Elite Pass Manic Circus Rewards

Free Fire Season 36 Elite Pass: Free Fire is a popular Battle Royale Game with millions of players playing it every day. The game makers frequently update the game to provide new skins, items to gamers. Recently, the new OB27 World series update was rolled out and it brought several significant changes, features to the game. Apart from that, The Elite Pass is one of the best free fire features to obtain exclusive skins and items at a low price each season.


Free Fire releases New Elite Pass every month. The current Elite Pass Season 35 ‘Bloodwing City’ was released on April 1, 2021. It is only a few days and it will conclude on April 30, 2021. Soon after its conclusion, a new EP of the May i.e., Elite Pass of Season 36 will be released. It is based on the theme “Joker” The leaked skins and costumes.

New Season 36 Elite Pass will also be bringing new skins, banners, avatars, skins backpack, male and female bundles, and many more. This post will share the full leaks on the next S36 Elite Free Fire pass.

When will Free Fire Season 36 Elite Pass release?

On the 1st of May, 2021, the next Elite Pass of the 36th season (S36 EP) will be released. It will be available for the whole month of May. It can therefore also be named “Elite pass May 2021.” Free Fire receives a Free Pass on Elite Pass each month/season and brings medium quality items free of charge to the game. You can receive free rewards even though you don’t have an Elite Pass. The Elite Pass Season 36 will also be launched on 1 May 2021.


When Will S36 EP Pre-Order Start?

Game developers take pre-registrations and offer an exclusive pre-order reward for the launch of every new Elite Pass in Free Fire. From 28 April 2021, the pre-orders of the Season 36 EP will be launched in Free Fire and Will be concluded on 30 April 2021. A fixed amount of 999 diamonds are charged for the preorder.

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FF Season 36 Elite Pass Rewards

  • Bike Skin – 0 Badges
  •  Plasma Gun Skin – 10 Badges
  • Jacket – 15 Badges
  • Banner – 30 Badges
  • Avatar – 40 Badges
  • Female Bundle – 50 Badges
  • SPAS12 Skin – 80 Badges
  • Surfboard – 100 Badges
  • Banner – 115 Badges
  • Grenade Skin – 125 Badges
  • Avatar – 135 Badges
  • Loot Crate – 150 Badges
  • Backpack – 200 Badges
  • Male Bundle – 225 Badges

Here are some lf the images of Elite Pass Rewards.

Free Fire Season 36 Elite Pass Rewards

Season 36 Free Pass Items/Rewards?

  • Avatar – 5 Badges
  • Jacket – 40 Badges
  • T-Shirt – 100 Badges
  • Banner – 150 Badges
  •  Backpack – 200 Badges

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