Free Fire Season 39 Elite Pass: Pre-order, price, rewards, theme and more

Free Fire Season 39 Elite Pass pre-orders have begun today and go live up to 31 July 2021. The pre-order will cost you 999 diamonds and check out more details here.

next elite pass in free fire 39

The all-new Free Fire Season 39 Elite Pass is now available for pre-orders today. Players can order the upcoming elite pass season 39 which comes with several exclusive items and bundles.

A new elite pass is released each month and a pre-order phase is opened 2-3 days prior to the official launch date. Players who have pre-ordered the elite pass will receive additional good-looking rewards alongside the elite pass rewards.

Free Fire Elite Pass season 39 Pre-orders are now opened, and players can glimpse the rewards they are receiving for pre-ordering the elite pass. The current Elite pass Season 38 named ‘Guns for Hire’ will be concluded by the end of this month and the new Elite pass season 39 will go online from August 1, 2021.

Free Fire Season 39 Elite pass Release Date, pre-order Price, and Theme

The new Elite pass season 39 will go live from August 1st with pre-orders open today.

Pre-order price and theme

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The new Elite pass which is titled ‘Wildland Walkers’ pre-orders are open now. The Elite Pass Pre-order will cost you a total of 999 diamonds. Scarecrow Grenade skin is the exclusive pre-order reward for players who opted for pre-order. The pre-order phase will be closed by July 31, the same day that the current season 38 pass concludes.

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How to pre-order Season 39 Elite Pass in Free Fire?

free fire season 39 elite pass
Pre-order reward

To pre-order the Season 39 Elite Pass in Free Fire, players must follow the instructions listed below:

Step 1: Open Garena Free Fire and navigate to the Elite Pass Section of the game.

Step 2: After that, Click on the option/button Adjacent to the ‘Upgrade’ button. Upon clicking it, you will be displayed the following screen:

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Click on ‘Pre-Order.’

Step 3: Click on ‘Pre-Order.’ Then, click on the ‘999 diamonds’ button.

next elite pass in free fire 39
click on ‘999 diamonds’

Step 4. When the dialogue box asking for confirmation opens, players must select the yellow 999 option.

free fire season 39 elite pass

Free Fire Elite Pass Season 39 All Rewards (Leaked)

Every elite pass has free rewards along with paid rewards where paid rewards are only available for those who have bought the pass. Players have to complete certain tasks to get badges and can unlock the rewards by earning the badges. Here are the few leaked rewards of the upcoming Elite pass.

According to Free Fire World, the Season 39 Elite Pass rewards include the following items:

  • Pickup Truck Skin(Wildland Wlaker) – 0 Badges
  • Avatar – 10 Badges
  • Avatar – 5 Badges
  • Wildland Walker Female Jacket – 15 Badges
  • Banner – 30 Badges
  • Wildland Walker male Jacket & Diamond Royal Voucher – 40 Badges
  • WildLand Walker Female Bundle – 50 badges
  • Treatment Gun skin (Scarecrow) – 80 badges
  • WildLand Walker T-shirt – 100 badges
  • Lantern of Doom Backpack skin – 100 badges
  • Banner – 115 Badges
  • Wildland Slahser – 125 badges
  • The Walker Emoite – 140 badges
  • Wicked Broomstick Surfboard – 150 Badges
  • Walker’s Fury Loot Box & Parachute skin – 200 Badges
  • Male Bundle – 225 Badges

You can check all the rewards of the upcoming pass here.

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