Free Fire Sensei Tig Top up Event: All you need to know!

The Free Fire Sensei Tig Top up will give out free rewards for topping up a limited amount of diamonds in the game!

Free Fire Sensei Tig Top up
Free Fire Sensei Tig Top up

The Free Fire developers keep releasing new events and top up events are very popular among the players. Here is all about the Free Fire Sensei Tig Top up event that has recently appeared in the game.

Garena always upgrades their game to keep it fresh and to give the players something new to look forward to. The recent update had bought in the Elite Moco and her 12 second marking skill. But now a new pet has been introduced in the game called Sensei Tig, whose ability can counter the Moco ability. Players can use this top up event to get this new pet for absolutely free when topping up diamonds!

Free Fire Sensei Tig Top up event

Free Fire Sensei Tig Top up
Free Fire Sensei Tig Top up

Top up events are a great way to get free bonus items in Free Fire as they will give out a variety of cosmetics, characters and pets upon topping up diamonds to a certain degree.

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The new pet introduced in the game is called Sensei Tig and he is now available to be obtained for absolutely free in this new top up event. The event will be there in the game from 22nd September 2021 till 28th September 2021.

Players can get the new pet, along with two of its premium skins and even a new emote all at once from this event. The Free Fire Sensei Tig Top up event contains the following:

Free Fire Sensei Tig Top up
Fire Sensei Tig
Free Fire Sensei Tig Top up
Ice Sensei Tig
  • Top up 100 diamonds: Sensei Tig Pet
  • Top up 300 diamonds: Pet skin-Ice Sensei Tig
  • Top up 500 diamonds: Pet skin: Fire Sensei Tig + Show off emote

How to get Sensei Tig Pet in Free Fire?

  • Players need to first open the Free Fire app and click on the diamond top up icon on the top of the home page.
  • After this top-up any amount of diamonds that you desire but 500 is the optimal amount for all the rewards.
  • After topping up the diamonds, go to the Calendar section on the right side of the home screen.
  • Click on the Events tab on the top left and then on the Sensei Tig Top up on the left side.
  • The rewards will appear and players can redeem them from this screen.

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