Free Fire: Top 10 Tactics And Tips To Become Top Player

Free Fire is one of the most popular title in the mobile battle royale genre. Here in this article we will take a look at top 10 tactics and tips to become top player in Free Fire.

top 10 tactics in free fire
Top 10 Tactics and Tips In Free Fire

Garena Free Fire is one of the most downloaded game in the mobile battle royale genre. It’s short and immersive gameplay gives players a huge boost in the game skills. Here in this article we will take a look at list of top 10 tactics and tips to become top player in Free Fire.

Knowing some basic and advanced Free Fire tips and tricks is an essential aspect on the road to becoming a pro player in the game. In addition to your gunfights in Free Fire, a solid strategy will keep you significantly ahead of other players in the battlefield.

Top 10 Tactics and Tips To Become Top Player In Free Fire

10. Do Not Open Your Parachute

Top 10 tactics
Top 10 Tactics

In a very short time after you have jumped from the plane, you can open the parachute. Do not do this. Opening a parachute will slow down your descent and cause you to land later than your opponents. Players who land before you can still shoot you while you are still in the air.

9. Avoiding Cities

There will be a lot of combat in cities, so stay away from them at the beginning. Your goal should be to get as far away from other players as possible let them kill each other. Try to be the last person to jump from the plane, in order to land in a quiet spot.

8. Armor Is More Important Than Weapons

You need to concentrate on finding armor. Even if you have the best weapon in the game, a sniper bullet will be enough to kill you if you do not equip armor. Your “head” is most prone to damage, so try to find a helmet first. Headshots are very damaging and can kill you in one hit – you must protect your head before anything else. Even if you do not have any weapons, equipping armor at a sufficient level will allow you to escape from combat.

7. Don’t Be Greedy

top 10 tactics
Top 10 Tactics In Free Fire

You will feel an “irresistible” desire to run to the crate, but do not hurry. Other players also saw the same drop and there are probably dozens of people running to the same spot. Forget the crate: Instead, move towards where it fell and prepare an ambush from a nearby spot. You can kill a couple of your opponents from a distance easily.

6. Take Fight In Shrink Zone

80% of Free Fire players get nervous when the shrink zone is near, even if it’s the starting one, and immediately disengage from a fight midway.

We suggest you to take fights when you have the advantage, or else retreat at once. Give priority to the zones only in the end circles, which inflict a lot of damage on the players.

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5. Use Headphones

You may fail to notice the movements on the playing field, but you can’t miss “sounds”. Watch out for sounds the other players make, especially in enclosed spaces, and always play with a headphone. If you listen carefully enough, you can tell which rooms other players have entered and exactly where they are. For the same reason, do not move too fast: Your opponents can also hear you.

4. Don’t Run Around Unnecessarily

Rules are different during the end-game phase. You have to stay in motion continuously, but that does not mean you have to run everywhere. A moving object attracts a lot of attention in the field of play. The easiest way to let other players know your location is to run in an open field. Move slowly and carefully, and go prone whenever needed.

3. The Minimap Is Your Friend Use It Wisely

use minimap
Top 10 Tactics: Use Minimap To Booyah

You can see the location of other players on the minimap. When someone shoots, he is shown as a “red arrow” on the map. The tip of the arrow shows which direction the attacker looks at. Use this to your advantage: If you are seeing a red arrow on the minimap, this means there is another player near you and for a short period of time, you can see his exact location.

2. Avoid Vehicles

Do not use vehicles during solo play unless it is an emergency. Vehicles make a lot of noise and can be easily seen even from meters away. If you have to use a vehicle, do that only for a very short time. After getting off the vehicle, move away from the area as soon as possible. If you are playing on a team, you can be more comfortable in this regard: One of you can drive while the other is shooting.

1. Never Jump-Shoot Unncessarily

jump shoot in free fire
Top 10 Tactics In Free Fire

A lot of Free Fire players often overuse Jump-shoot. To be able to come out on top while using jump-shoot, your jump needs to be well calculated. It is important to note that this fancy move can mess up you aim entirely. Therefore, before using this in ranked mode, go to custom rooms, and practice it until you get it right.

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