Free Fire TSG Ritik (Two-Side Gamers): Stats, Net Worth, Income, YouTube Channels and more

TSG Ritik is a popular Free Fire content creator who co-owns India's popular Gaming channel: Two-Side Gamers. Today, we look at his biography, net worth, income and more about him

tsg ritik
Real NameRitik Jain
Nick Name(known by)TSG Ritik
Date of Birth31, December 2000
Free Fire ID Number124975352
Net worth(Two-side Gamer)$ 382K – $ 2.29M
Monthly income$7.7K – $122.6K
Controls4 finger
DeviceIphone 12 Pro Max

Who is TSG Ritik?

Ritik Jain, popularly known by his IGN TSG Ritik is an Indian streamer, YouTuber, Vlogger, and Free Fire content creator. Ritik is a prominent Gaming Youtuber with his Fellow Teammate TSG JASH. TSG Ritik alongside his cousin TSG Jash are the most loved duo in the community and are well-known for their gameplay and brotherhood. People love to see them playing together. They live-stream the game Garena Free Fire regularly. It is India’s first duo gaming channel.

ts ritik
TSG Ritik

TSG Ritik loves gaming and he says it is an important part of his life. TSG stands for Two-side Gamers and they have significantly marked their brand in the Free Fire eSports scene too as they have been topped in many tournaments. Ritik is one of the players who represented India in the Free Fire Asia Invitational Jakarta 2019 under the TSG roster alongside his teammates.

His Free Fire ID is 124975352, while his in-game name is TSG RITIK.

TSG Ritik Net Worth

While the two popular gamers have also represented India in ‘Free Fire’ tournaments in Indonesia and Thailand. The Two Side Gamers channel currently has 1,041,922,460 (more than a Billion) total views, as of writing the article. They have many sponsors, earns from Superchats (Donation), Affiliate links, Memberships and income coming all around from their four channels.

TSG ritik free fire
TSG Ritik Net Worth(Two-Side-Gamers)

According to Social Blade, Two-Side Gamers’ monthly YouTube earnings are approximately between $7.7K – $122.6K. As per the same website, the duo’s yearly income is estimated to be around $91.9K – $1.5M. As per, the net worth of Two-Side Gamers is approximately $ 2.29 Million based on their recent stats. In Indian currency, that figure states to more than 16 crore INR.

But recently, Ritik has responded to this figure while answering Some questions asked in the stream by viewers. He searches for Two-sider Gamers income on Google and he completely denies the amount that shows up on the search engine. Here is the video of the related:

TSG Ritik Living Place and Family

Ritik was born and brought in Thane, Mumbai. He still lives there. His family also live there who are unknown but they have supported this couple so long which is one of the reasons that they have become what they are today. As they haven’t revealed anything regarding their family, we currently have no information.

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TSG Ritik House

TSG Ritik owns many houses in Mumbai which value crores. The popular player uploaded vlogs on his channel about buying new houses and flats which you can find on their channel. Recently, they have arranged a boot camp which they also call their Gaming House for their official Roster. Boot Camp helps the players of the roster to come under one roof sharing their game views, strategies and try out new games.

TSG Ritik YouTube Channel

TSG Ritik and TSG Jash both have started their YouTube journey after their 12th pass out. Initially, the duo made funny videos along with friends on a low-grade YouTube channel which got them a good response. As they were new to YouTube back then, some mistakes have got them copyright issues on the channel which eventually got closed.

two side gamers
TSG Jash and TSG Ritik Opening crates in Free Fire(Source: TWO_SIDE GAMERS- YT channel)

After that, TSG Jash advised TSG Ritik to open a gaming channel and name it Two-Side Gamers. Around that time, the Free Fire game was launched and the couple focused on the game to create content that they thought would be a great game to do so on their channel. Initially, the creators posted videos regarding tips and tricks of Free Fire.

The creators claimed in an interview that they have posted videos by doing recording, streaming, editing and other stuff with mobile itself. They have continued like this until their channel reached 1 million subscriber mark. Gradually, they upgraded all requirement for proper streaming as they have got good YouTube income and support. Today, their primary channel, Two-Side Gamers has gained over 7.55 million subscribers. There are about 1219 videos posted on this popular channel and the channel amassed over 1 Billion views combined. Click here to visit the channel.

They have 3 other channels in which they post gameplay videos, vlogs, comedy and food related videos. Here are the links to those:

  • TSG ARMY:>> Click Here
  • TWO SIDE SHORTS:>> Click Here
  • TWO SIDE FOODIES:>> Click Here

Most Viewed Video from Two Side Gamers YouTube Channel

This video has crossed 11 million view mark on their channel which is the highest viewed video on their channel as of now.

TSG Ritik Instagram

TSG Ritik Free Fire
TSG Ritik Instagram

The 21-year-old content creator posts funny reels, gameplay montages, and his regular photos on his Instagram handle. Being a YouTuber, we also get to see him promoting a few deals as an Instagram influencer and other brands. He has got 726K followers on his Instagram.

TSG Ritik Gaming Setup:

As of now, we have no specifications regarding his streaming or Gaming PC setup. But down here is a video of the Two-side gamers gaming room in which they stream Free Fire and other games.

Games that Ritik plays on Stream

TSG ritik and his cousin Jash are in great heights with the Free Fire game. It changed their life and all the popularity that they have earned so far is contributed by their hard work on Free Fire for the most part. Apart from Free Fire, We also get to these duo playing Garena Free Fire, Gta V , Fall Guys and Among us streams on their channel. Also, they upload special vlogs on Sunday.

Who is better TSG ritik or TSG JASH?

TSG ritik free fire
left-TSG jash right- TSG Ritik

Both players have equal contributions to their Gaming channel and their partnership has taken them to good heights in their career. We cannot say who is better but as we compare their Free Fire in-game stats, Jash has the edge and is slightly ahead of Ritik stats in Free Fire.

What is the ID of TSG ritik in free fire?

TSG Ritik’s Free Fire ID is 124975352.

What is the ID of TSG JASH?

TSG Jash’s Free Fire ID is 123643969.

Who is the owner of two side gamers?

Two-Side Gamers is a duo Gaming channel and owned by two people. Ritik and Jash co-owns this channel. This gaming channel operated by cousins Ritik Jain and Jash Dhoka. They live-stream the game Garena Free Fire daily.

Are TSG JASH and TSG ritik brothers?

Yes, they both are cousins and both of their families are close.

How old is TSG Ritik?

Ritik Jain is 21 years old as of 2021.

How old is TSG JASH?

Jash Dhoka is 20 years old as of now who is a year younger than Ritik Free Fire.

What is the salary of two side gamers?

According to Social Blade, Two-Side Gamers’ monthly YouTube earnings are approximately between $7.7K – $122.6K. As per the same website, the duo’s yearly income is estimated to be around $91.9K – $1.5M.

What is two side gamers net worth?

The estimated net worth of Two Side Gamers is $ 2.29M (16 crore INR).

What does TSG stand for In TSG Ritik?

TSG in TSG Ritik stands for Two-Side Gamers.

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