Free Fire VS COD Mobile: Which runs better on low-end Android devices?

We compare Free Fire VS COD Mobile: Which runs better on low-end Android devices?


Free Fire and Call of Duty Mobile are two of the largest juggernauts of the mobile BR genre. Moreover they are also two of the best mobile games that competitive players can play. Players are greeted with fast paced action and run-and-gun gameplay which is sure to hook them in. Both the games are very popular in their niche. We take a look at Free Fire VS COD Mobile Which runs better on low-end Android devices?

Free Fire

Free Fire is survival battle royale shooter that drops players on an vast island. Players need to get their wits and supplies together to become the last an standing. The characters in this game are also unique due to possessing different abilities.

The game contains 35 characters and 50 players drop on the map simultaneously. The match can last from 15-20 min depending on the rate of survival. The game also sports vibrant graphics and an intuitive UI that makes it a joy to play.

COD Mobile

Meanwhile, COD mobile has two modes, MP and BR. MP matches are short and face paced with a tally of kills to secure. However BR matches are long and have a survival aspect to it. Likewise it follows the same rules of other battle royale genres, i.e. survival.

In COD battle royale mode, a total of 100 players drop on the map and fight to be the top survivor. These matches may last up till 20-25 minutes. Moreover COD Mobile has very well designed controls which lets the users enjoy a smooth game play experience. Moreover the game is very impressive in terms of graphics and gun physics.

Free Fire VS COD Mobile: Which is better for low-end Android devices?

Both the games require at least a decent handset to run the game. Below are the minimum spec requirements for both the games.

Free Fire

  • Android Version: 4.1 or higher
  • Game Size: 706 MB
  • RAM: 2 GB

COD Mobile

  • Android Version: 4.3 or higher
  • Game Size: 2 GB
  • RAM: 2 GB

In this chart we see that the Android version and download requirements for Call of Duty Mobile are higher than Free Fire. Call of Duty has excellent graphics. But running it on a low-end device will lead to frequent lags. Therefore players to need to sacrifice the good looks of the game to get a stable game play experience.

However Free Fire is better compatible with lower end devices and runs better. Therefore undoubtedly, Free Fire is the better choice for players with low end Android devices. Therefore in “Free Fire VS COD Mobile Which runs better on low-end Android devices?”, the answer is clear.

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