Free Fire Watch to Win event in BOOYAH for October 24th!

The Free Fire Watch to Win event for 24th October 2021 will reward the players loot crates, emotes and even pets!

Free Fire Watch to Win
Free Fire Watch to Win

Free Fire regularly holds events that come back from time to time to reward the players in return for completing certain tasks and missions. The Free Fire Watch to Win event in BOOYAH is a regular event and rewards the players for watching streams and clips of the game.

Free Fire Max has just released and players can now enjoy great graphics along with some changes to the UI. This means streamers and content creators can now enjoy better gameplay and also deliver them to their viewers. The streams are now with better graphics and will be smoother. Moreover, with the watch to win events, viewers can also game in-game rewards just for watching the streamers.

Free Fire Watch to Win event for October 24th, 2021

Free Fire Watch to Win
Free Fire Watch to Win on BOOYAH!

Free Fire releases the Watch to Win events regularly and these have the potential to reward great prizes and vouchers to the viewers.

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The prizes are 100% guarenteed and players can watch the streams on BOOYAH, which is the official platform for Free Fire streamers. This new event will run from 24th-25th October 2021 and players can watch any stream during this to get the rewards.

The reward pool for the current Free Fire Watch to Win event are:

Free Fire Watch to Win
Free Fire Watch to Win
  • Panda pet in Free Fire
  • Dancing Panda Backpack
  • KongFu Emote
  • Weapon Loot Crates
  • and much more…!

To have a chance to get the rewards, players need to watch at least 30 minutes of the streams in order to have a chance to get the rewards.

How to get the rewards?

YouTube: Crazy Vansh
  • Players first of all need to download the BOOYAH! app on their mobile devices.
  • After downloading it, install the app and open it.
  • On the top-right side of the screen, players can login using their emails or Free Fire IDs.
  • After logging in, watch any stream of your favourite streamer for about 30 minutes, in order to get the rewards!

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