Free Fire Watch to Win event: Emote special!

The Free Fire Watch to Win for 14th-15th November 2021 is a emote special and a variety of emotes are up for grabs!

Free Fire Watch to Win
Free Fire Watch to Win Emote Special
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Free Fire runs many events from time to time that offer a variety of rewards to the players. We take a look at the Free Fire Watch to Win event that is one of the most simple and rewarding events in the game.

Free Fire is a battle royale game and like all the other games, the developers introduce new rewards and events from time to time. These events may allow the players to finish certain missions in order to get the rewards. These can be a variety of items but most desirable are the cosmetics.

Here is the Free Fire Watch to Win reward pool for 14th November, 2021.

Free Fire Watch to Win Emote special

Free Fire Watch to Win
Free Fire Watch to Win Emote Special

Free Fire Watch to Win events are in collaboration with Booyah streaming app and offers completely free rewwards.

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Watch to Win events allows the player to simply watch streams of their favourite streamers. The viewers are also rewarded for watching the streams with both the watch to win and the Giveaways that are conducted by streamers.

Viewers simply need to watch any livestream on Booyah for 30 minutes for a 100% chance to get any one of the rewards. This Free Fire Watch to Win is a Emote Special one with a variety of emotes to chose from:

Free Fire Watch to Win
Free Fire Watch to Win
  • Bhangra Emote
  • Shimmy Emote
  • GW2018 Tshirt
  • Game Streamer Weapon Loot Crate
  • and more!

How to redeem the rewards?

YouTube: Blood Samurai Gamers

Step 1: Players need to download the Booyah App on their mobile devices from their respective app stores.

Step 2: Login to Booyah from the top-right “Login” option after installing and opening the app.

Step 3: Watch any stream for 30 minutes on Booyah!

That is all, and players will be eligible for the rewards and they will directly be sent to the in-game mail-box.

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