Free Fire Watch to Win for 29th November, 2021: Get Emote and Pet skins!

The Free Fire Watch to Win for today features some great rewards that the player get for free!

Free Fire Watch to Win
Free Fire Watch to Win

Free Fire Watch to Win events are plenty and come out regularly throughout every week. The most recent watch to win event features a great prize pool comprising of Emotes and Pet skins for the players to obtain!

Many events are released in Free Fire from time to time but only a few of them give out rewards for free. Most of them require the players to spend an amount of diamonds in order to play the event or unlock the rewards. However, the Watch to Win series of events are completely free and can give out a variety of great rewards if redeemed at the right time.

Here is the prize pool and how to redeem them from the Free Fire Watch to Win event.

Free Fire Watch to Win: 29th November 2021

Free Fire Watch to Win
Free Fire Watch to Win

This recent Watch to Win is for players who want some great emotes to express themselves on the battlegrounds. Moreover, it also contains some great weapon loot crates and pet skins as well.

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This event will go on from 28th till 29th November, 2021 and during this time period players can redeem a variety of rewards. Players simply need to watch any live stream on the official Booyah app for 30 minutes in order to unlock them.

The prize pool for this time includes:

  • Battle in Style Emote
  • Moon Flip Emote
  • Pet Moony
  • Digital Invasion Weapon Loot Crate
  • Booyah loot crate

How to obtain the rewards?

YouTube: Crazy Vansh
  • Players need to download the Booyah app from their respective app stores.
  • After this, open the app and install it on your device.
  • Players need to login to the app using the “Login” option on the top right icon.
  • Watch any stream for 30 minutes in the give time duration in order to unlock the rewards!

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