Free Fire: Who is Maro in Real Life

Maro is a new Free Fire character that is going to be launched on May 29, 2021. Maro character is based on a famous Egyptian film actor and Singer: Mohamed Ramadan. Read this article to know who is Maro in real life.


Free Fire is known for its collaborations and additions of characters in the game. The popular battle royale features a total of 39 characters including few most popular personalities. In the recent OB27 update, Free Fire has added two new characters along with several new features and some changes. Developers made the Xayne character available for playing while keeping the Maro character on hold. Being a new character, people are curious to know all about the new character Maro in Free Fire.

Maro character is a new free-fire character based on which the game introduced him by collaborating with an Egyptian actor, singer, rapper, dancer and producer – Mohamed Ramadan. MR1 is a free fire character based on the real-life of this popular middle-east personality, Mohamed Ramadan.

This article shares real-life details of Maro Free Fire aka MR1.

Who is Maro in Real life

Maro in Real life
Free Fire Maro character is based on famous film actor Mohamed Ramadan

Mohamed Ramadan Mahmoud Hijazi, popularly known as Mohamed Ramadan is an Egyptian actor, singer, rapper, dancer, Body Builder and producer who recently got so much fame with his monumental acting in films. This MR1 character is a newly added character based on Mohamed Ramadan and also goes by the name ‘MR1’ Free Fire.

Mohamed Ramadan is married to Nesreen Abd El Fattah in 2012 and they have three children.

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Maro Character Ability in Free Fire

Maro character aka mr1 Free Fire
Maro character in Free Fire

Following are the Abilities and details of Maro Free Fire aka MR1:

  • Ability: Falcon Fever
  • Skill Type: Passive
  • Sex: male
  • Age: 32
  • Birthday: May 23rd

Maro’s special ability is called Falcon Fervor, MR1 character prefers the company of animals over humans. He feels humans often overthink everything and forget about the true meaning of life. Damage increases with distance. MR1 Free Fire ability also increases Damage dealt with marked enemies.

At its base level (level 1), the ability will increase damage over distance by as much as 5%. Moreover, it helps players to enhance damage inflicted on marked enemies by 1%.

At the highest level of Falcon Fervor (stage 6), the damage over distance will increase by 25%, whereas damage dealt on marked opponents will increase by 3.5 %.

Mohamed Ramadan X Free Fire Collaboration

Mohamed Ramadan has collaborated with Free Fire which leads the developers to launch MR1 Free Fire. He is a popular film actor and singer in the Middle east region. Free Fire is not so popular in Middle East regions like Saudi Arabia. This is why one of the reasons that Free Fire might shake hands with this celebrity.

This is not the first time that Free Fire tag up with a celebrity. DJ Alok, KSHMR(K), Chrono, Jai and many characters in Free Fire are based on famous real-life personalities and celebrities by which the game have got so much popularity & revenue.

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