Free Fire Winter Wish Event: All you need to know

We take a look at the latest Free Fire Winter Wish Event.


Free Fire is a massively popular battle royale genre. It is developed by Garena Games and enjoys a massive player base throughout the world. The cause of its popularity is various unique in-game features and also regular events. Players can complete these missions to earn exclusive rewards and loots. This keeps the game fresh and interesting for many. In this article we take a look at the recently released Free Fire Winter Wish event and how the players can play it.

Free Fire Winter Wish Event

The winter season comes with the latest Free Fire Winter Wish event. This event is live now and available till 6th January 2021. There is a list of 4 draws that players can make:

  1. Basic Wish (10 diamonds)
  2. 5x Basic Wish (89 diamonds)
  3. Premium Wish (199 diamonds)
  4. 5x Premium Wish (899 diamonds)
  5. Premium Wish guarantees Permanent items.
  6. The prize pool for the event is:
  7. The Glacier Devil Hunter Bundle
  8. Winterlands Fury Sledge
  9. Old Man’s Mask
  10. M1014 – Winterlands
  11. Bonefreeze Dino
  12. M60 – Santa’s choice
  13. Gingerbread Man Bundle
  14. Polar Bear
  15. Winter Elf Bundle
  16. The Santa Militia Bundle
  17. The Santa Guerrilla Bundle
  18. The Sealie Bundle
  19. The Penguinie Bundle
  20. Grumpy Old man
  21. Winterlands dancer Bundle
  22. Winter Elk Bundle
  23. SPAS12 – Santa’s Choice
  24. Santa’s Choice Grenade
  25. Winterlands Grenade
  26. Snowman Sidekick
  27. Reindeer Backpack
  28. Polar Bear hat
  29. Red Rudolph
  30. Last laugh
  31. A Pleasant Surprise
  32. Clown’s Nose
  33. Deer Head
  34. Snow Day (Top)
  35. Snow day (Bottom)
  36. Holiday Seasons (Top)
  37. Holiday Seasons (Bottom)
  38. Winter Party Backpack
  39. Winterlands Backpack
  40. Pet Skin – Snowy Robo
  41. Snowman’s Frenzy
  42. Pet skin – Snow panther
  43. Pet Skin – Snowy Panda
  44. Reindeer Express
  45. Reindeer’s Snowboard
  46. Winterlands Snowboard
  47. Winter’s Delight
  48. Winterlands Loot Box
  49. Wicked Snowman
  50. Elf, Old man, and the Elk
  51. Old Man’s parachute
  52. Winter
  53. Bliss Of Winter
  54. Joy of winter
  55. The Gingerbread Man
  56. Lucky Gift Portrait
  57. Polar Bear Portrait
  58. Winterlands 2019 celebration
  59. The deer and the bell
  60. Winter Candies
  61. Snowy day
  62. Core fragment
  63. Diamond Royale Voucher
  64. Weapon Royale Voucher
  65. Santa M60 Box
  66. Winterlands M1014 Weapon Loot Crate
  67. Winterlands Gun Box
  68. Gold Royale Voucher
  69. Pet food
  70. Universal Fragments
  71. Bounty Token
  72. Scan

How to access Play Winter Wish event

  1. Players first need to open the Free Fire app. Upon loading, players can either navigate to the Winter Wish event from the load screen pop-up or from the events section. The event tab is located on the right side of the home screen.
  2. Players can now decide from the list of draws they want to make. The first Basic Wish is Free for all. Likewise the First Premium Wish is 50% off for all players. Players need to spend diamonds for a chance to get these exclusive rewards.

However the bundles you already own will not be obtained again.

The prizes will be sent directly into your inventory and may take upto 15 minutes to process.

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