Free Fire World Series 2021 Singapore: Qualified teams, US $2,000,000 prize pool and more

Free Fire World Series 2021 is scheduled to take place between May 22 and 29, in Singapore and is worth $ 2 million in total prize money.

Free Fire World Series

Free Fire World Series is the one of the global tournament plan for 2021, besides an All-Stars event, initiated by one of the most popular is one of the most popular mobile games in the world. Free Fire’s global popularity continues to grow being the most downloaded mobile game worldwide in 2020 across both the iOS App and Google Play stores, the second consecutive year that the game has topped the rankings, according to App Annie.

News from various sources reveal that the competition is worth a whooping $2 million in total prize money, the highest value in all Free Fire tournaments. En masse, 22 teams from 14 regions are participating in the championship. The Free Fire World Series will replace the Continental Series, which was played online due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the first edition of the Free Fire World Series 2021 (worldwide) is scheduled to take place between May 22 and 29, in Singapore.

Free Fire World Series
Free Fire World Series – Singapore

Free Fire World Series 2021: Awards and Details

The Free Fire World Series (FFWS) is the largest and most iconic Free Fire competition. In 2019, FFWS Rio peaked at over 2 million simultaneous viewers, which at the time was a world audience record for a mobile Esports tournament, according to Esports Charts. The Free Fire World Series’ tournament will be played in two stages:

  • Play-ins on May 22, in which 12 teams will compete for two places in the finals.
  • Finals on May 29, top ten teams from around the world, along with two qualified play-ins teams will compete for the ultimate Free Fire World Series title.

In a nutshell, the Play-Ins will feature 12 teams who placed either first or second in their regional-level tournament. The top two teams from the Play-Ins will then join the top 10 seeds from each regional-level tournament in the Finals. The tournament will witness 22 teams from across 14 regions compete for the Free Fire World Series title and a slice of the US$2,000,000 prize pool, one of the highest in mobile game Esports.

Top 2 play-ins


EventDateSeedsQualified Teams
  Spring Cup2021-02-16 – 2021-03-06Champion LGDS
  Arab League2020-12-12 – 2021-03-13Champion VIP Esports
  Pro League CIS2021-02-06 – 2021-03-13Champion Silence
  Liga Brasileira de Free Fire2021-01-23 – 2021-03-20Champion Fluxo
  MCP Majors2021-01-23 – 2021-03-20Champion Geek Fam
  India Championship2021-02-06 – 2021-03-21Champion Galaxy Racer
  Indonesia Masters2021-02-08 – 2021-03-21Champion EVOS Esports ID
  League Latinoamerica2021-01-16 – 2021-03-21Champion Team Aze
  Pro League Thailand2021-01-22 – 2021-04-03Champion EVOS Esports TH
  Arena of Survival2021-01-03 – 2021-04-04Champion Burst The Sky

Free Fire World Series: Direct Invited Teams


EventDateSeedsQualified Teams
  Pro League CIS2021-02-06 – 2021-03-132nd Singularity.Invincible
   Arab League2020-12-12 – 2021-03-132nd DEA
  Pro League Pakistan2021-01-13 – 2021-03-14Champion Team TG
  Europe Pro League2021-01-08 – 2021-03-14Champion vaiXourar
  Bangladesh Championship2021-02-01 – 2021-03-19Champion Agent Exp
  Liga Brasileira de Free Fire2021-01-23 – 2021-03-202nd LOUD
  India Championship2021-02-06 – 2021-03-212nd TEAM CHAOS
  Indonesia Masters2021-02-08 – 2021-03-212nd First Raiders Bravo
  League Latinoamerica2021-01-16 – 2021-03-212nd God’s Plan
  Pro League Thailand2021-01-22 – 2021-04-032nd Attack All Around
  Singapore Championship2021-04-03Champion NEWGANK
  Arena of Survival2021-01-03 – 2021-04-042nd HQ Esports

Free Fire World Series: Play-in Qualified Teams

LOUD, runner-up in the Brazilian Free Fire League 2021, will compete in the play-ins. The Fluxo team, from the popular Nobru, also qualified for the finals by winning the LBFF. Nobru won the MVP title in the first edition of the Free Fire World Series in 2019. He also won the title in 2019, when he represented Corinthians in the Free Fire World Series 2019.

As the world awaits a congenial gaming fights among the best teams, the hard-earned prize pool is sure worth the sedulous win.

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