Everything You Need To Know About The Final Lap Of Free Fire X McLaren Event

The all-new Free Fire Mclaren Top-up event will be in it's final phases in this weekend. Here in this article we will take a look at all you need to know about the final lap of Free Fire X McLaren event.

Free Fire X McLaren Event
Free Fire X McLaren Event

Garena Free Fire is known for the variety of events they introduce to the game. Here in this article we will take a look at the last lap of the Free Fire X McLaren event and everything you need to know about.

Free Fire x Mclaren collaboration has resulted in bringing several exclusive items to the game. The event is going on in the game and soon it will enter into it’s final stages of completion. The Free Fire collaboration with McLaren hits its peak this weekend, with login rewards, exclusive collection items, as well as a new game mode release.

Final Lap Of Free Fire X McLaren Event

free fire x mclaren event
Free Fire X McLaren Event

This weekend will be the best time to log-in to Free Fire. From 31 July to 1 August, players who log in to the game will be entitled to receive Free Fire and McLaren rewards, which includes the collection backpack. Players who complete the playtime mission over the weekend will also receive the McLaren Racing Overalls Bundle from the Free Fire X McLaren event.

There will also be a new mode available to play for players as well ‘Convoy Crunch‘. There will be two rounds per game in this new mode. Players will either be tasked to be Invaders or Defenders at the start of each round. The Invaders have to escort the vehicle to a specific destination while the Defenders need to prevent this from happening.

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New Mode In Free Fire: Convoy Crunch

In the latest mode teams will take turns playing the roles of Invaders and Defenders. The vehicle only moves forward when the Invaders are around, within a set radius, and will move backwards when the Defenders are within proximity. The vehicle stops moving when both the Invaders and Defenders are within range.

The team that (1) uses the least amount of time to get the vehicle to the destination or (2) advances the vehicle the furthest distance wins. The new mode will be available for players until 3rd August.

From 31 Jul to 13 Aug, 2 brand new McLaren P1™ skins will be released for players looking to change up the look of their cars and give them a boost. The McLaren P1™ – Kyanos and McLaren P1™ – Gold Spark will be introduced to the game via Free Fire X McLaren event. Both looks will only be available for a limited time period, so be sure to log in from next week to check the collections out.

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