French Open 2020: “It’s not a very good bubble” Vasek Pospisil fumes at R.G organisers

Vasek Pospisil opened up about his experience in the French Open 'bubble' and confesses that it has not been easy for him mentally to be in it.

Vasek Pospisil

On account of the ongoing pandemic, a lot of tournaments have been cancelled. Even the French Open 2020 was moved from its original dates in the summer to the end of September. The tournament is proceeding with minimal players who are restricted to stay in 2 specific hotels and the Roland Garros complex.

Canada’s Vasek Pospisil has criticized this ‘bubble’ stating that ‘A’ lot of players have gone on record to state that the provisions provided in Paris are nowhere near as accommodation and refreshing as the ones U.S Open had arranged. He lost to the 7th seed Matteo Berrettini in the 1st round in straight sets.

Vasek Pospisil criticises the arrangements made at Roland Garros

Vasek Pospisil

The Canadian stated, “As soon as I’m done with doubles, I will leave the bubble. Because it’s not a very good bubble here they made for us. It’s not easy mentally to be in it. As soon as I have an opportunity to leave the bubble, I will,” on the arrangements made at Roland Garros for the players.

He continued, “It’s much worse. At least for the players, the hotel we’re staying at, it’s tough. We don’t have anything. The U.S Open there was a much bigger effort I felt from the organisation to make the time in the bubble a little bit more comfortable for the players. That’s for sure.”

“I think almost every player that I’ve spoken to was sharing the same opinion. It’s not easy to be stuck in the bubble. You don’t want to be on-site all day because it’s also a stressful environment, right?” Pospisil further added.

”The only place you can go is the hotel. It’s not easy because you can’t even get fresh air. But that is what it is. Paris is a tough city because everything is closed, but it’s just a little bit more difficult mentally,” he concluded.

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