Friday Night Smackdown 24 July 2020: Bar Fight


A bar Fight match Between Jeff Hardy and the Celtic Warrior headlined the smackdown event. This is the first of its kind match where the fight takes place in a Bar themed arena


The feud began with Sheamus taunting Jeff Hardy over Alcohol and Substance Abuse. Hardy also accused Sheamus of framing him in a Hit and Run case.


The Match started as rather funny. Started with a bar arena. A referee was sitting having a drink. Sheamus then walked in dressed like a guy from the 1920s looking for a fight. Jeff Hardy walked in and sat next to Sheamus. Sheamus asked if Hardy wants a drink. The referee wanted to know if they were ready to start. Hardy pointed out the ref is just here to count the three. Hardy had something to say to Sheamus first.

Hardy said his brother had to delete his WWE career, but he’s here to recapture his career. Sheamus got ready to start, so he took his hat off and gave it to the bartender. Hardy threw beer in Sheamus’ face, and they started brawling.

The match looked rather like a Bar fight from a 60’s Hollywood movie. They fought in the hallway. Sheamus took back over after hitting Hardy with a keg. Sheamus then hit the bathroom door on Hardy’s head. He dragged Hardy into the bathroom. 

Sheamus shoved Hardy’s head into the urinal, which was gross. Hardy fought back and threw Sheamus into the stall. Hardy crawled out of the bathroom.

Again, Sheamus caught Hardy and slammed him against the brick wall several times. He tried to hit Hardy with a guitar, but Hardy ducked. Hardy attacked Sheamus, but Sheamus recovered and whipped Hardy into the drums. 

Hardy then gave Sheamus the twist of fate. Hardy set up the ladder and started climbing it, but the bartender jumped Hardy from behind. 

Hardy fought back, and power bombed the bartender through a table. Sheamus recovered and smashed a chair over Hardy’s back. Sheamus put his hat on Hardy’s face and poured himself a drink. Sheamus finished his drink and told the referee to get ready.

Sheamus pulled the hat off of Hardy, but Hardy was now wearing face paint. Hardy opened his eyes and made his comeback. He beat down Sheamus again and then hit the Swanton Bomb off the ladder for the win.This is the of its kind of a match in WWE and if Andre the Giant was Alive today, he would have been proud of the creative writers.

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