Frontal Gaming Free Fire ID, stats, K/D ratio, and more in May 2021

Frontal Gaming is a prominent youtube content creator who creates videos on free fire from Indonesia. He has around 10.9 million subscribers on his channel. Here we will discuss his K/D ratio and stats in May 2021.

frontal gaming free fire

Frontal Gaming is one of the most popular Free Fire content creators from Indonesia. He posts videos related to various aspects of this quick-paced battle royale game, including gameplay and tips.

Free Fire is popular for its characters, features and quick-paced battle game in the Battle Royale Genre. Several content creators across the world have been creating content around this game since its launch in 2017.

Frontal Gaming currently YouTube Channel has 10.9 million subscribers on which he gained 200k subscribers in last 30 days.

Let us dive into Frontal Gaming details of his Free Fire ID, stats, and other information in May 2021.

Frontal Gaming Free Fire ID and stats

Frontal Gaming’s Free Fire ID is 225009777.

Frontal Gaming Free Fire Stats

Lifetime Stats

frontal gaming
Frontal Gaming Free Fire Life Time Stats
  • Squad Mode
S.NO.statsFrontal Gaming
3Win Ratio13.49%
5KD Ratio4.07
  • Duo Mode
S.NO.statsFrontal Gaming
3Win Ratio14.73%
5KD Ratio5.15
  • Solo Mode
S.NO.statsFrontal Gaming
3Win Ratio14.21%
5KD Ratio5.17

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Ranked Stats

frontal gaming free fire id
Frontal Gaming Free Fire Ranked Stats
  • Squad Mode
S.NO.statsFrontal Gaming
3Win Ratio13.79%
5KD Ratio3.88

As you can see, Frontal Gaming haven’t played any game in Duo or solo mode in this new ranked season. So he has no stats.

Note: The stats which are listed above were recorded at the time of writing. They are subjected to change as YouTubers play regularly.

Frontal Gaming YouTube channel

It has been three years that Frontal Gaming started his YouTube career with Free Fire. His first video posted on his channel dates back to April 2018. Today the channel, Frontal Gaming on YouTube has 10.9 million subscribers with 489 videos posted on his channel. The channel also amassed over 867 million views combined.

Click Here to visit his channel.

Which Device does Frontal Gaming use for playing Free Fire?

As per the description of one of his videos, he uses an iPhone 11 to play the game.

Frontal Gaming Social Media Handles

Frontal Gaming is active on Instagram and Facebook and following are the links to his profiles:

  • Instagram: Click Here
  • Facebook: Click Here

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