Game-Breaking Bug Found by Redditor Ahead of Season 3: Call of Duty Warzone

Whether it's turning invisible, stimming your way to victory, or diving under the map, some of the terrible game-breaking bug has another addition just before Season 3.

Game-breaking Bug
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In 2021, it’s impossible to enjoy Call of Duty: Warzone without putting up with a lot of bugs. Warzone is a massive game with multiple modes and frequent updates that guarantee Warzone is being taken apart and put back together every month. Bugs are kinda part of the deal. They run the gamut from harmless comedy to absolutely game-breaking bug. The first year of Warzone has seen no shortage of problematic bugs, but not all are created equal.

Call of Duty: The warzone is increasingly making moves to roll the Season 3 update. It will bring even more changes into the Battle Royal title and might introduce new content. However, these things could add to the already mounting list of bugs and problems that riddle this game. For instance, the introduction of the new Attack Helicopter gave birth to a game-breaking bug and glitches that rendered players invisible.

Whether it’s turning invisible, stimming your way to victory, or diving under the map, these are the worst, most impressively terrible glitches and game-breaking bug have been discovered by their lasting impact and general absurdity. We laugh so we don’t have to cry. This same bug reappeared inside the game more than once, despite introducing hotfixes. However, it is not the only game-breaking bug that has made circumvent the patches, as the community has discovered another game-breaking bug now.

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Game-Breaking Bug ahead of Season 3

A Game-Breaking Bug in Call of Duty Warzone

Season 3 is certainly going to introduce a new array of content and add more to an already stacked list. The studio has to step up its game and offer adequate solutions before the new season takes over. While some bugs are laughable, some are termed as gme-breaking bug, rendering players invisible, invincible or in the worst case, not allowing to play the game at all, as it happens in the case of this redditor,  ImCalcium .

Reddit user ImCalcium shared a clip of his gameplay on the official subreddit thread introducing gamers to another game-breaking bug, courtesy to Activision. He stated that something strange occurred while camping with his teammates on the mountain section of the map. The players were actively playing the game, and they were constantly checking the surrounding areas.

Call of Duty: Warzone provides an otherwise useful element to the game that leads inactive players inside the game map to get booted out of the server. While in the Redditor’s case, although he was not away from his keyboard or inactive, his screen went dark, and the game notified him of inactivity. He was ultimately kicked out of the game server for no apparent reason at all. That being said, this seems to the toughest bug of all, getting kicked out of a server for no reason whatsoever.

Game-Breaking Bug
Game-Breaking Bug: Kicked out of Server for no Reason

This inexplicable glitch has possibly occurred for the first time. No prior reports of its occurrence have hit the internet as of now. It looks like Raven Software has yet another critical problem on its hand before the next big update arrives. The title’s ongoing storyline is actively making its way towards a zombie apocalypse event.

It could also bring complete annihilation of the map, as the rumor point towards a massive nuke event. Safe to say, zombies are about to run free on the map, and it could add more glitches. Warzone is infamous in the community for its inability of adding permanent solutions for these game-breaking bug and glitches.

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Treyarch and Raven Software – the current developers of Warzone now Infinity Ward has stepped back – have yet to comment on this latest game-breaking bug, especially ahead of Season 3, but this is something they’ll want to hotfix as soon as possible. While keeping in mind that glitches should not be exploited for a fair game among the community and that this bug does not allow that chance, players should notify the devs of any bug they come across as soon as possible for the sanity of the game.

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