Garena Free Fire: 5 best combinations for DJ Alok

Characters play an integral part in free fire game. Characters increase the advantage and chances of getting a Booyah. Some combinations can create a huge impact on the game.

DJ Alok

Garena Free Fire has an impressive array characters in game, characters have played an integral part in Free Fire.

Characters in Free Fire play an important role as they give an advantage in intense situations and increase the chances of getting a Booyah.

Some characters are very powerful as they have unique abilities and to these characters some combinations can make the squad very powerful.

I will be discussing about the five best combinations for DJ Alok.

Top 5 best combinations for DJ Alok:


Jai is a character in Free Fire game who was added recently, inspired by the Bollywood actor Hrithik Roashan.

He is an amazing character his ability is ‘Raging Reload’ allows players to get some ammo back after taking down an enemy in the game.

We can never run out of ammo during a gun fight.

Thus, he is an aggressive player. DJ Alok can heal him and provide speed during heavy battels without worrying about health.


Luqueta is also a favorite player for many of them, he is liked for his ability ‘Hat Trick’.

Hat Trick provides him more HP and can stack up to 35HP. Though this is not much but can come to use during intense battle.

Having DJ Alok, he can revive you with full HP and give your teammate a seamless play.


Clu is a Private-detective character in Free Fire. Her special ability is ‘Tracing steps’.

This special ability allows her to detect the exact position of the enemy if they are not in one position.

 Knowing the enemy positions, she can play aggressively in the early game and get easy eliminations.

After reaching level 4 her teammates can also locate the exact position of foes.

DJ Alok forms a synergy with her, this allows her to play aggressive.

She can easily get her health back later. This ability can give good loot to teammates in early match.


Kelly is also an excellent character in Free Fire she is a natural sprinter and is known for her speed in Game.

Her ability is ‘Dash’ which is regenerated for every 7 seconds.

Her speed can give an advantage of escaping away from enemies in intense and tricky situations in game.

DJ Alok can help her by spreading his aura which increases teammates speed and can flank easily.


Rafael is a simple character in game he takes out his skill frequently when active.

His ability is ‘Dead Silent’ he can remain hidden in matches by this enemies lose track of him easily.

He synergies with DJ Alok as he can boost his HP and heal him completely helps in scouting areas.

Note: These combinations can change for every squad this is just an opinion based on a the author experience.

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