Garena Free Fire: All about Scar Assault rifle

Free Fire is a battle royale game where guns matter a lot during gunfights. Here is an assault rifle SCAR which is a medium ranged gun.

Assault Rifles

Garena Free Fire is now the most downloaded game in India, after the Ban of PUBG Mobile.

The craze of this game is reaching newer heights.

The developers of this game have kept it entertained as much as possible in this pandemic and are coming out with new events and unique ideas every day.

It is a battle Royale Game; the ultimate goal is to be the surviving player at the end. This needs some excellent skills and strategy.

All About Assault Rifles:

An Assault rifle is a selective-fire rifle that uses an intermediate cartridge and a detachable magazine. They have extreme damage power and firing speeds.

With long range firing capacity, it was first brought to production during the world war 2.

The concept of assault rifles is now added to all shooter games.

I will be discussing about one assault rifle in Free Fire.

 Assault Rifle Scar:

Scar is a lethal weapon in the game considering its high rate of fire. It is one of the most balanced assault rifles in Free Fire.

Although the gun gives medium-range damage, it has the least recoil of all the assault rifles. Scar works best with L3 attachments.

  • Scope
  • Extended Mag
  • Compensator
  • Stock
  • Grip
Rate of Fire61
Reload Speed41

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