Garena Free Fire bans 1,348,888 users for using cheats and hacks in the last two weeks

Free Fire Bans 1,348,888 accounts in the last couple of weeks because of Cheating in the game. Garena published their regular bi-week report of Free Fire accounts banned along with the cheat hacks used.

free fire anti cheat system

Free Fire has crossed the one billion downloads mark on the Google Play store. The game has been the second most downloaded game in the first half of this year(2021). Introducing regular updates, numerous changes and inclusions have made the game stand in the position that it stands today. The quick-paced battle royal game has gained several millions of players along with content creators.

With such massive milestone achievements, the game still has troubles coming in the form of hackers. They take down the legit players in the game and overplay them without making any effort. With millions of active players, it would be a humongous task for the developers to check on everyone. Since the cheaters are in mass numbers, the developers have set an anti-cheat system that detects and bans the cheaters permanently.

Most of them opt for paid hacks, third-party software to obtain the cheats. The best part is the players who got thrashed by the cheaters in the lobby can report them to the officials or the anti-cheat system via the in-game report option. The Anti-cheat system checks their account and if they are found cheating, they will be banned. Some of the players get banned for playing with cheaters intentionally for rank push and their fantasies in the game.

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Free Fire Bans nearly 1.34 million cheaters:

free fire bans
Image via Free Fire Instagram handle

Free Fire anti-cheat system identifies and bans the users who play the game with cheats and hacks. The officials release a ban report every two weeks on their Facebook and Instagram handle detailing the number of banned users and the percentage of cheats used.

As per the latest report, the game had stopped access to a total of 1,348,888 users over the last two weeks. 55.8% per cent accounts of the total numbers which means more than half a million accounts were banned by the in-game player reports. So, the Anti-cheat system does work according to the player’s interests of maintaining a legit platform. 2.7 % (37,181) of accounts were banned for playing with cheaters intentionally.

This week’s report saw an increase of more than 7.4% in the total number of banned accounts compared with the previous report.

Assessing this week’s report, we have detailed the percentage of cheats used by the banned players:

  • 68.3% of the cheaters banned for using Auto-Aim hacks, which directly shifts the aim towards the enemy without making an effort.
  • 13.8% of the cheaters banned for using through the wall hacks, which enables players to hit enemies even through the walls.
  • 15.3% of the cheaters banned for using Teleport hack, which enables players to shift their positions abruptly.
  • 2.6% of the cheaters banned for using miscellaneous hacks

Garena Free Fire has also reported that the methods of detection have been updated. They keep monitoring hackers closely so that legitimate players can have a safe and equitable gaming environment.

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