Garena Free Fire: Chrono vs DJ Alok who is best for Aggressive gaming

Free Fire has a wide selection of characters and DJ Alok and Chrono are two very popular characters among them. Many players have varied playstyles and some like to play aggressive and this article takes a look at which character has the better aggressive gameplay.

Chrono vs DJ Alok
Chrono vs DJ Alok in Free Fire

Free Fire is a very popular game with a huge number of characters in the game. In this article we take a look at the Chrono vs DJ Alok and who is better for aggressive gaming in Free Fire.

Free Fire has a bunch of characters that the players can play on the battlefields. Among them, some characters are better and perform better on the battlefields, while some perform poorly. Chrono and DJ Alok are two very well known characters in the game and have very strong abilities. However, one of them is better for aggressive plays and we find out which one.

In this article down below we compare Chrono vs DJ Alok in Free Fire.


Chrono vs DJ Alok

Chrono is a very popular character in the game and is based on the famous footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo. The character had dominated the game since his release but was nerfed quite a bit in the OB27 update.

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His ability is called Time Turner and creates a shield that blocks incoming 600 damage. Players and allies can shoot the enemies while inside the force field.

Earlier this used to give a 15% movement speed boost to allies and 30% movement speed boost to self. However, after the nerf the ability doesn’t provide any movement speed boost to allies and only gives 15% movement speed boost to the player.

DJ Alok

Chrono vs DJ Alok
Dj Alok

DJ Alok is also one of the most popular characters in the game. His ability is called Drop the Beat and creates a 5m zone around him.

This zone heals himself and the allies within for 5 HP/ sec for 15 seconds. It also increases everyone’s movement speed by 15%. The ability is a great sustain ability and allows the players to heal up during a fight.

Chrono vs DJ Alok: Who is the better aggressive character?


Both the characters have a very good ability and are very effective on the Free Fire battlegrounds.

However, one character is better than the other, when it comes to aggressive plays. DJ Alok has a very good sustain ability and helps heal up the allies after a rough fight and provide additional movement speed in fights. However, this ability makes him a more sustain based character.

However, Chrono has the ideal attacking move set with his force field and movement speed buffs. Earlier he was an even better aggressive character who could destroy enemy camps and strongholds. But, even after the nerfs, Chrono is the better aggressive character in the comparison between Chrono vs DJ Alok.

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