Garena Free Fire: Hayato vs Antonio Abilities

Characters play an integral role in Free Fire and increase the chances of getting a Booyah. Antonio and Hayato are two such characters with unique abilities.


Unlike weapon skins, Characters have also become an innate part of Free Fire.

The distinctive abilities of characters enable to get a Booyah!

There are around 32 characters in the game. Two such special characters are Hayato and Antonio with the unique abilities Bushido and Drop the Gangster Spirit.

They are one of the most popular and preferred characters in the game Free Fire.

I will discuss their abilities in brief and compare them.

Bushido- Hayato’s Ability:

It increases the player’s armour penetration by 7.5% with every 10% decrease in max HP.

As you level up with the character his ability enhances. At Level 8 (max level), armor penetration goes up to 10% with a 10% decrease in maximum health.

In game description of Hayato is “Hayato is a legendry Samurai”

Gagster Spirit- Antonio’s Ability:

When you equip Antonio, you receive 10 extra HP when rounding starts, which further increases with the rise of the level. At the highest character level, players will receive 35 additional HP at beginning of the round.

His in game description is “Antonio was an Orphan who grew up to be a gangster.”


on comparing both the character abilities Antonio’s abilities have a bit more advantages then Hayato.

Antonio has the ability to increase more HP during the game which comes in as an advantage during fights. But Hayato can increase HP or use his ability on taking Damage during fights.

Both of them cost 8000 gold coins. However, its the players choice.

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