Garena Free Fire: How to get Judgement Ironface Bundle in Diamond Royale

Free Fire recently launched a new Diamond Royale bundle and is available for 21 days. Take a look at the new Judgement Iron Face Bundle.


Free Fire is a popular battle royal game and is known for its interesting updates and events. The game has been downloaded by people across the globe. It has over 500 million downloads in Play Store and has reached greater heights ever since. The latest OB26 update saw the launch of many new characters, in-game cosmetics, and many more. Another such update is the new Diamond Royal in Free Fire. In this article, we elucidate How to get Judgement Ironface Bundle in Diamond Royale.

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How to get Judgement Ironface Bundle in Diamond Royale Free Fire

Free Fire is back with its New Diamond Royale and players have been looking forward to this new bundle. The new Judgement Iron Face Bundle is a majestic one and players have never seen a bundle of such unique and royal design in Diamond Royale before. The Judgement Iron Face Bundle is a five-piece bundle with silver hair, an iron mask, upper body, lower body, and finally the shoes. All players will get the bundle once their ‘Lucky’ reaches 100.

To obtain this bundle, players will either have to spin using the Diamond Royale vouchers or diamonds(in-game currency). Players have the option to spin once or 10+1 times as well. A single spin will either cost a diamond royal voucher or 60 diamonds whereas the 10+1 spins will cost 10 diamond royale vouchers or 600 diamonds. The Diamond royal also has other mega prizes like Magic Cube and Magic Cube fragments as well. Make sure that you do not miss a chance to spin in the Diamond Royale. This was all about Free Fire’s latest Diamond Royale Bundle.

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