Garena Free Fire: List of all the Limited period rewards for Republic Day events for 2021

In this article we take a look at the free fire Republic day rewards.


Garena Free Fire is one of the most influential battle royale titles in the gaming community right now. Likewise the game has garnered massive popularity among the masses as of now. The Indian sub-continent is a booming player base for Free Fire. Therefore to celebrate this Republic Day, the developers have come up with many new events to reward the players. Many players cannot use diamonds to buy cosmetics or characters in the game. This option might not be feasible for them and thus developers have decided to give them an opportunity to use the items that they couldn’t. In this article we take a look at free fire Republic day rewards and how players can get them.

Free Fire Republic day Rewards (26th January)

  • Play 1 match: Incubator Voucher
  • Play 1 match: Diamond Royale Voucher x2
  • 1 Booyah in BR mode: Justice Fighter Weapon Loot Crate x6

Cumulative logins (25th January to 5th February)


Characters to be got

  • 1 Login day: Alvaro (7days)
  • 2 login days: Jota (7 days)
  • 3 day login: Chrono (7days)
  • 4 day login: Kapella (7 days)
  • 5 day login: Luqueta (7 days)
  • 6 day login: Clu (7 days)
  • 7 day login: Wolfrahh (7 days)
  • 8 day login: Dasha (7 days)
  • 9 day login: Jai (7 days)

Weapons to be got

  • 1 Login day: XM8-Abyssal (7 days)
  • 2 login days: AN94 – Spikey Spine (7days)
  • 3 day login: M1014 – Wasteland (7days)
  • 4 day login: P90 – The Punishers (7days)
  • 5 day login: SCAR – Mystic Seeker (7 days)
  • 6 day login: M60 – Captain Bubbles(7 days)
  • 7 day login: AWM – Duke Swallowtail(7 days)
  • 8 day login: M79-Hipster Bunny (7 days)
  • 9 day login: Ak-47-Valentines(7 days)


Weapon Royale Voucher and Swallowtail Weapon Loot Crate

Get New Gun Skin (25th January to 2nd February)



  • Play 2 BR game in Squad: Fireworks 2021 token
  • Kill 5 enemies: Fireworks 2021 token
  • Booyah in 1 BR match: Fireworks 2021 token
  • Win in 1 CS mode: Fireworks 2021 token

Redeem rewards

  • 20 Fireworks 2021 token: P90-Midnight Mafia
  • 15 Fireworks 2021 token: Character Lvl 6 Card
  • 5 Fireworks 2021 token: Weapon Royale Voucher
  • 2 Fireworks 2021 token: Gold Royale Voucher

This is the list of all free fire Republic day rewards.

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