Garena Free Fire Pro League India 2021 Summer (FFPL): Qualified teams, League stage format and More

Garena unveils its top 18 teams qualified for the league stage matches. Check out the teams and format for the next phase of FFPL 2021.

Free fire Pro league
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Free Fire Pro India Pro League 2021 Summer is a first-ever pro league tournament conducted exclusively for the Indian and Nepal regions. Garena had announced the top 18 teams which will be competing against each other in the League circuit after the FFC Mode open qualifers.

free fire india pro league
(Image via official Youtube channel of Free Fire)

After shortlisting the top 6 teams from the FFC mode open qualifiers the developers have contacted the shortlisted teams via in-game mail on 11 June 2021. In the process, the organizers have also disqualified 6 other teams who had used cheats in the tournament. After verifying the data of six shortlisted teams, they have been qualified for the league stage which is set to commence from June 26 and continues up to July 11. The six qualified teams will compete with the 12 invited teams who have topped the FFIC 2021 overall standings table.

Qualified teams for the Free Fire Pro League India 2021 Summer

Free Fire Pro league 2021 summer
Image via Free Fire eSports India Instagram Handle

The top 18 teams include 12 seeded teams from FFIC and the other 6 were qualified from FFC Mode open qulaifiers. The teams qualfied for League stage are:

  1. Team Chaos
  2. Galaxy Racer
  3. S8UL (AKA Nemesis)
  4. Captains!
  5. AFF Esports
  6. Team Elite
  7. Sixth Sense
  8. Total Gaming Esports
  9. Last Breath
  10. Survivor 4 AM
  11. LVL-Iconic
  12. Team D Esports
  13. Overpowered Boys (AKA  SRV18)
  14. God Like
  15. 4 Unknown
  16. Life Hackers (AKA IND ELITE)
  17. YKZ Seniors
  18. PVS Esports

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Teams that are mentioned from 12 to 18 are the six shortlisted and qualified teams from FFC open qualifiers. Here is how the League stage is played (Format):

  • The top 18 teams will be divided into 3 groups containing 6 teams in each group.
  • The League stage will start from June 26 with all matches conducted online (No Lan event)
  • There will be six matchdays for 18 teams where the matches are held only on weekends i.e., Saturday and Sunday.
  • A total of 6 matches will be played between three groups.
  • The last day of the League stage is on July 11, which will be the sixth Matchday

After the league stage, the top 12 teams who have topped the League circuit will be qualified for the Grand Finals which are set to be conducted on July 18. The tournament will be streamed Live on Free Fire Esports India Insta and YouTube channels along with the Booyah app. The stream starts at 6:00 PM IST on the matchdays.

free fire india pro league
Free fire India championship 2021 FFIC

It is not an easy task to be qualified from the FFC Mode open qualifiers amongst the cheaters and hackers. More teams who have performed well deserve a place in the League stage but unfortunately the slots have been taken. The shortlisted teams have performed well and it would be interesting to see how they will perform against skilled and experienced teams in FFPL 2021.

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The tournament boasts a prize pool of 35 Lakhs INR in which the winner of the Grand Finals will take home 15 Lakhs INR. The top 6 teams of the FFPL 2021 Grand finals will be qualified for Free Fire India Championship 2021 Fall (FFIC Fall).

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