Garena Free Fire: Raistar’s Custom HUD and Sensitivity

Free Fire content creator updated sensitivity and HUD. His Lifetime and ranked stats in the game.

Raistar’s Profile and ID

Garena Free Fire is becoming a very popular game in India and all over the world. Many content creators of this game are becoming popular and have got recognition. Unlike PUBG Mobile, Free Fire has given opportunities to many players to show their talent in Battle Royale Games.

In this article we will be discussing about one such content creator Raistar.

Raistar Stats:

Raistar’s stats
  • Free Fire ID: 12022250

 Ranked Stats: In the ongoing season

  • Games Played 243
  • Number of games won 25
  • Kills recorded 598
  • K/D ratio 2.74

 He has played 12 duo games in the ongoing season and yet to win one. Also played 22 solo games registering 45 kills and has won only one match.

Lifetime stats:

  • Number of matches 14261 games
  • Number of matches won 2549
  • Win rate 17.87%
  • Recorded Kills 48630
  • K/D ratio 4.15

He has played 4444 games in duo mode, and has triumphed 705. Registered kills 14293 kills. His K/D ratio of 2.82.

In solo mode has 3473 games, registered kills 10653 kills and has won 401 matches.

Raistar’s Sensitivity:

New updated sensitivity of Raistar.

Name        Sensitivity

  •  General           95
  • Red Dot           90
  • 4x Scope         100
  • 2x Scope          100
  • AWM Scope     100

Raister’s HUD:

Raistar’s HUD

Raistar is a thumb grip player. The thumb grip offers a 20% reduction on recoil pattern and decreases Horizontal and vertical recoil to an extent. Similarly it also has some cons, but once you get used to it proves to be the best grip.

Raistar also has an You Tube channel with 1.7 million subscribers and nearly 30 million views.

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