Garena Free Fire: Sk Sabir vs. BNL- who has better stats?

In this article, we take a look at the stats of SK Sabir Boss and BNL and compare them.


Free Fire has become one of the great opportunities for several streamers. Several streamers have gained extreme popularity by their Free Fire Gameplay. SK Sabir Boss and BNL are also such popular creators among those popular Creators. Sabir plays in Indian Server, while BNL plays in Middle Eastern. They are very popular for their gameplay.

In this post, we are talking about their stats and comparing them.

The Free Fire ID and stats of SK Sabir Boss

The Free Fire ID of Sk Sabir Boss is 55479535.

Lifetime stats

SK Sabir Boss is featured in 25240 squad games and has won 8396 of them, Integrating with a total win rate of 33.26%. He has notched up 89609 kills, holding a K/D ratio of 5.32.

Coming to the duo mode, he has played 2865 matches and triumphed 596 wins with a win ratio of 20.80%. Taking down about 7784 opponents,  he holds a K/D ratio of 3.43

When it comes to the solo mode, he has played 1575 games and won 141 of them, translating to a win ratio of 8.95%. He also secured 3209 kills to his name with a K/D ratio of 2.24.

Ranked stats

Coming to the ongoing ranked season, SK Sabir Boss has played 104 matches and has got better of his opponents in 38 matches. He has a win ratio of 36.53%. This popular Content Creator has secured 163 kills to his name. He hasn’t played a match in solo nor in duo mode.

BNL’s Free Fire ID and stats

The Free Fire ID of BNL is 297929835.

Lifetime stats

BNL is featured in 15380 squad games and has won 2657 games, translating to a win rate of 16.67%. He has accumulated about 54633 kills, maintaining a K/D ratio of 4.32.

Talking about the duo mode, he has played 763 matches and won 84 games among them. He has a win rate of 10.99% in the duo mode. He has taken down 1428 enemies, holding a K/D ratio of 2.10.

BNL is featured in 1232 games in the solo mode and has accumulated 78 Booyahs with a win rate of 6.33%. He had killed 2385 foes, maintaining a K/D ratio of 2.07.

Ranked stats

Looking at the ongoing ranked season, BNL never played a game in any mode.

(Note: The stats which are mentioned above will not be the same always. They may change as per time as youtubers tend to play Free Fire regularly)


To be clear, No youtube should be deranged. Both have incredible fan following and better stats. As we have said earlier, they don’t play on the same server.

But if we decide to compare the figures that they have accumulated so far, then SK Sabir Boss has a high hand in all the three modes – solo, duo, and squad.


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