Garena Free Fire: Top 3 Pets that suits Character Chrono

Free Fire offers a variety of pets in the game. In this article, we take a look at the Top 3 pets that mixes well with Chrono CR7.

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Chrono is one of the most incredible male characters in Free Fire. It is now popular among the players mainly due to its over-powered skills in the game. On activation of his skill, he generates a force field and protects himself and gains additional movement speed as well. Keeping aside the in-game characters, Free Fire also offers a variety of pets to the players. Each player can choose a pet for his/her own assistance. In this article, we take a look at the Top 3 pets in Free Fire that suit Chrono character.

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Top 3 pets in Free Fire that suits Chrono

1. Spirit Fox

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Spirit Fox, as the name suggests is a fox pet in Free Fire. It has this glorious look that makes the players want to equip it. At the same time, it also has an ability named “Well Fed”. It restores 4 extra HP in the players while using medkits. However, at the max level, it restores extra health up to 7 HP. Unlike DJ Alok, Chrono is a type of character who requires medkits to heal himself. Spirit Fox can provide him with the same, it provides extra HP which as a result, makes it the perfect pair.

2. Detective Panda

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Detective Panda is one of the most liked pets in Free Fire. It’s ability is ‘Panda’s Blessings’. In the initial level, this ability restores 4 HP upon every kill. However, at the max level, this ability can restore up to 10HP on every kill. Similar to the Spirit Fox, Panda’s skill also focusses on increasing the player’s HP. It can be vital in modes like Clash Squad where every HP matters. Chrono’s skill can be paired with the Panda’s Blessings for a perfect gameplay.

3. Falco

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Falco is the first flying pet introduced in Free Fire. Nowadays, one member of every squad occupies Falco’s skill. Its skill is called the Skyline Spree, which gives the players an advantage of early landing. This skill makes sure that you are the first to land on a particular spot. Chrono’s speed and shield mixed with Falco’s gliding speed makes the character unstoppable.

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