Garena Free Fire: Top 5 best SMG Skins for February 2021

In this article we take a look at the top 5 best SMG skins in Free Fire and their stats for February 2021 in Free Fire.


Free Fire is one of the most popular battle royale games in the mobile market. Likewise the game has a massive player base all around the world. Like many other battle royale games, Free Fire has a plethora of weapons that the players can use on the battlefields. Cosmetics of the weapons are also an integral part of the game. In this article we take a look at the 5 best SMG skins in Free Fire for February 2021.

Cosmetics don’t change the core gameplay of the game. However players like to collect them as a collectible item. But the skins also provide minor buffs to the weapon as well.

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5 best SMG skins in Free Fire for February 2021

SMG are Small Machine Guns and are a very popular weapon genre for battle royale games. These are small guns with moderate damage and a high rate of fire. Moreover these guns are very popular in all modes of Free Fire.

MP40 – Flashing Spade

The MP40 Flashing Spade is a very strong and rare cosmetic. The skin has a very futuristic effect with a yellow and black body. Moreover it exudes a futuristic yellow aura.

It buffs the damage and rate of fire. But it decreases the range by a bit.

UMP – Cataclysm

The UMP is a very popular SMG to have in close-to-mid quarter combat. The skin features a eye-catching yellow and black body with a yellow aura around it. Moreover there is also a yellow dragon on the middle of the body.

The Damage and Range is buffed in this skin but the Magazine size is nerfed.

UMP – Wilderness Hunter

The Wilderness Hunter is a strong skin to have on the UMP. The skin is a mix of orange and black with tiger like black stripes all over it.

Likewise it buffs the rate of fire and armor penetration. But the reload speed is nerfed.

New Year MP40

The MP40 is a fan favourite weapon and the New Year skin is one of its best. The gun features a mix of green, pink, violet and orange with stars on the body and aura.

Likewise it buffs the damage and magazine but decreases the accuracy.

MP5 – Champion Boxer

The MP5 – Champion Boxer is a very attractive yellow skin with black markings over it. Its a rare skin with good attributes.

Likewise it increases the damage and Magazine. Meanwhile it reduces the reload speed.

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