Garena Free Fire: Total Gaming vs Dynamo Gaming

Content creators have made the game more interesting by posting videos on YouTube and keeping the audience entertained and building up their fame and name on this game.


Free Fire is a Battle Royale game unlike PUBG, it’s been a very entertaining and challenging game for players as like that of PUBG.

Free fire has attracted a large Fan Base in India recently and has got good content creators

Content creators have made Free Fire look like an entertaining game. By which people who have disliked it before have started to like it.

They have kept the audiences entertained by posting regular videos on You Tube.

I will be discussing about two content creators of free fire, and will be comparing their Stats Ajju Bhai vs Dynamo Gaming.

Ajju Bhai Stats:

Ajay aka Ajju Bhai aka Total Gaming is one of the biggest content creators of free fire. He heads Total gaming and is also the fifth player of the team. They are now the champions after winning the Indian Championship 2020. With 173 points lead.

Free Fire ID: 451012596

Ranked stats:

In the ongoing season total gaming has

  • Total Number of plays 69
  • Booyahs 19
  • Kill record of 186 kills
  • K/D Ratio 3.72

In the ongoing season played only 14 solo and 22 duo games. Yet to win a match in both.

Lifetime stats:

  • Total number of Games 9318
  • Number of wins 2417
  • Kill record of 34187
  • K/D Ratio 4.95

Total gaming has featured 1607 duo games. Has won 299 with 6256 kills registered. Maintained a K/D ratio of 4.78.

In solo mode he played 882 games and has won 76 with win percentage of 8.71%.

He has registered 2238 kills, maintained a K/D ratio of 2.78 in this mode.

Dynamo Stats:

Dynamo is a PUBG pro player with excellent stats. He is also a content creator on YouTube he is known for playing PUBG Mobile after the ban of PUBGM he has shifted his interest to Free Fire very recently.

Free Fire ID: 2374955712

Ranked stats:

Dynamo Gaming Ranked Stats
  • In the ongoing season, Dynamo has
  • Number of games played 1
  • Number of wins 0
  • Total kills 0
  • Kill per death Ratio (K/D) 0

He has played no solo games and 22 games in duo mode and yet to win in both the modes.

Lifetime Stats:

Dynamo Lifetime Stats
  • Total number of games 30
  • Number of games won 12
  • Total kills 144
  • K/D 8.11

When it comes to duo mode stats, he has played 22 matches and triumphed 0of them. He has a record of 11 kills and K/D of 0.50.

Comparing Both:

On comparing you can see that there is no comparison needed as Total Gaming will dominate in all terms. Because Dynamo moved to Free Fire very recently and yet to create some records and make good fame, in the game.

Dynamo gaming has given a good start in the game and yet too see him play more.

Note: The stats mentioned above are according to the latest stats taken on 19th October 2020.

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