Garena Free Fire: TSG Ritik vs TSG JASH

TSG Ritik and Jash are players of the same squad. Having incredible stats. On comparing both stats to see who has better stats in a lifetime and ranked stats.


Free Fire is a Battle Royale game unlike PUBG, it’s been a very entertaining and challenging game for players as like that of PUBG.

Free fire has attracted a large Fan Base in India recently and has got good content creators.

Two-Side Gamers is one of the popular Free fire You Tube Channels in India. They have a large fan base in India.

Content creators have made Free Fire look like an entertaining game. By which people who have disliked it before have started to like it.

I will be discussing about two content creators of same team in free fire, and will be comparing their Stats TSG Ritik vs TSG JASH.


Free Fire Jash Stats

TSG Jash is one of the biggest content creators of free fire.

Jash’s Free Fire ID is 123643969

Ranked stats:

In the ongoing season total gaming has

  • Total Number of plays 146
  • Booyahs 45
  • Win rate of 30.82%
  • Kill record of 466
  • K/D Ratio 4.61

In the ongoing season played only 1 solo and duo game. Yet to win a match in both.

Lifetime stats:

  • Total number of Games 6746
  • Number of wins 1065
  • Win rate of 23.79%
  • Kill record of 16081
  • K/D 3.13

Jash has featured 2441 duo games. Has won 250 of them with a win rate of 10.24%. with 4797 kills registered. Maintained a K/D ratio of 2.19.

In solo mode he played 1320 games and has won 108 with win percentage of 8.18%

He has registered 3066 kills, maintained a K/D ratio of 2.53 in this mode.

TSG Ritik Stats:

Free Fire Ritik Stats

TSG is a content creator in the Free Fire game he has a gaming channel on YouTube.

You can find entertaining content on his gameplay on Free Fire Battle Royale.

Ritik’s Free Fire ID is 124975352

Ranked stats:

  • In the previous season, Ritik has
  • Number of games played 204
  • Number of wins 51
  • Win rate of 25%
  • Total kills over 745
  • Kill per death Ratio 4.87

He has played only one single solo mode.

Lifetime Stats:

  • Total number of games 9458
  • Number of games won 1957
  • Win rate of 20.69%
  • Total kills 22763
  • K/D 3.03

Ritik has featured 2272 duo games. Has won 251 of them with a win rate of 11.04%.

with 4318 kills registered. Maintained a K/D ratio of 2.14.

In solo mode he played 843 games and has won 53 with win percentage of 6.28%.

He has registered 1630 kills, maintained a K/D ratio of 2.06 in this mode.

Comparing Both:

Both Josh and Ritik are incredible players who have excellent stats. On comparing TSG Jash has a better K/D ratio than Ritik in squad mode. Also, in solo and duo mode Jash dominates Ritik.

When it comes to Ranked stats Ritik is a bit better than Jash in terms of K/D ratio and win rate.

Note: The above Ranked Stats is based on previous season stats.

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