Garena Free Fire: Upcoming Halloween events, New pet and More

With Halloween just around the corner, game developers are preparing to release ‘spooky’ updates/additions to get into the spirit of the festival. Garena Free Fire is also prepping a bunch of new additions as well as content to help get players into the spirit of Halloween


While Halloween is marching close towards people this year, Free Fire game developers are planning to unveil ‘spooky’ updates/additions to make people feel the festival. The officials of Garena Free Fire are also preparing to add a bunch of new additions to the game with its existing content to help people to feel the spirit of Halloween. The game made arrangements to introduce a couple of new items, including a new pet into the game.

Halloween Party Web Event (October 23 to October 29)

Free Fire made arrangements to host a web event which features a bunch of “spooky festivities” and provide users an opportunity to obtain or perceive new items/rewards. The upcoming rewards include pumpkin outfits and scary bandanas. The event has many special items which you have to wait and see for yourself. 

New Pet – Rockie- October 22 to November 2

The event also provides users the opportunity to have a new pet which is in the form of Rockie. The new pet and it appears to look like aree panda and his abilities degrade the player’s active skill cooldown. Therefore, he might be helpful to users who choose to play the game with a character of active skill. If players want to have this, they need to have at least 1 diamond in their account

Reddit Creepypasta Contest- October 25 to October 31

A new confirmation by the game developers

It is a competition, where users or players are asked to give in their own created creepypastas on a specific Reddit thread. No specialities are required to submit Creepypastas, but the writing must include a term of Free Fire. The terms could be outfits, characters or weapons. Creepypasta is nothing but a small horror story which has been posted online. The events may include the return of Cold Steel mode, a brand-new Weapon Royale as well as a new weapon called the Blue Frame Draco. You can know more about this here


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