Gautam Gambhir slams Pakistan cricketer Shahid Afridi for his comments against PM Modi


On Sunday, Former Indian Cricketer Gautam Gambhir slammed former Pakistan cricketer Shahid Afridi over his recently reported remarks against India Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Afridi was heard criticizing PM Modi in a video clip that is being shared on Social Media. In reply to Afridi’s remarks, Gambhir wrote: “Pak has 7 lakh force backed by 20 Cr ppl says 16 yr old man @SAfridiOfficial. Yet begging for Kashmir for 70 yrs.”

“Jokers like Afridi, Imran & Bajwa can spew venom against India & PM @narendramodi ji to fool Pak ppl but won’t get Kashmir till judgment day! Remember Bangladesh?” he added.

Gautam Gambhir and Shahid Afridi both played for there respective countries and they both shared an intense cricket rivalry. The Former All-rounder Shahid Afridi wrote in his autobiography ‘The Game Changer’ which was published in April last year, as he had given his opinion about Gambhir, someone with who he clashed several times on field during his career.

“Some rivalries were personal, some professional. First the curious case of Gambhir. Oh poor Gautam. He & his attitude problem. He who has no personality. He who is barely a character in the great scheme of cricket. He who has no great records just a lot of attitude,” Afridi had written in his autobiography.

“Gambhir behaves like he’s a cross between Don Bradman & James Bond. In Karachi, we call guys like him saryal (burnt up). It’s simple, I like happy, positive people. Doesn’t matter if they are aggressive or competitive, but you have to be positive & Gambhir wasn’t,” he further wrote in his autobiography. Afridi referred Gambhir a cross between James Bond and Don Bradman.

In April, Gambhir had replied to Afridi and said, “Someone who doesn’t remember his age how will he remember my records! ok. Shahid Afridi let me remind you one: 2007 T20 WC final, Ind vs Pak Gambhir 75 off 54 balls vs Afridi 0 off 1 ball. Most important: We won the Cup. And yes, I’ve attitude towards liars, traitors & opportunists.


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