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Everything We Know About Mimi, Tohima, Yoimiya In Genshin Impact Leaks So Far

The three new Inazuma characters in Genshin Impact are getting more relevant. Here we will discuss everything we know about these three characters so far in Genshin Impact Leaks.

Tohima Genshin Impact Leaks

The new Genshin Impact leaks has revealed a lot of new characters, and while some leaks show characters while they are still in their early stages, these leaks always create enormous amount of hype in the community.

Data Miners and leaks providers have found as much information as possible about Mimi, Tohma and Yoimiya, giving us a possible view of what these characters look like. Players can read more about these leaked characters. Here in this article we will discuss about everything we know about Mimi, Tohima and Yoimiya in Genshin Impact so far.

Genshin Impact Leaks: Everything About Mimi, Tohima and Yoimiya

Mimi Genshin Impact

The Genshin Impact leaks we will discuss here mostly focus on the data found in game files, leaving players with little visual information. Still, data miners have provided a surprising amount of info on these new upcoming characters, and players can learn about each of them here.

Leaks About MIMI:-

Mimi is a leaked Hydro character in Genshin Impact, and she has had her model in the files since around Genshin Impact 1.2. Players still don’t know much about her, but it is speculated that she will be a part of Inazuma in the future. With not many Hydro characters in the game, Mimi’s release will help fill the diversity gap in the roster of Genshin Impact. Players may also run into Mimi in the new Archipelago Islands update.

Leaks For Tohma:-

Tohma Genshin Impact Leaks

There is very little information about the mysterious character “Tohma“, other than his appearance in the Genshin Impact as Ayaka’s possible assistant or friend. She calls on him for help in several voicelines in many different scenarios, and it is likely that he will have ties with the royal family of Inazuma.

It is speculated that he will have a polearm as his weapon, and as a Pyro element character, it is likely that this will leave him as a 4-star character, as Hu Tao has already taken the 5-star role. Players will have to wait for more information on this interesting character, but with Inazuma on the horizon it is likely to be released soon.

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Leaks On Yoimiya:-

Genshin Impact Leaks

Yoimiya’s inormation is scarce, but new leaks have found out several aspects of her kit. Players can look forward to another powerful bow using character, as Yoimiya wields Pyro vision along with her bow. Apparently, she will feature Pyro infusions into her charged shots, and with previous leaks indicating that she is heavily related to fireworks, players will likely be charging up their shots and releasing explosive AOE damage to their enemies.

Yoimiya’s current leaked skills are:

  • “AimShoot_BombArrow”
  • “AimShoot_WithFire”
  • “FireRing”
  • “Arrow_Bomb”
  • “YHanabi”

These skills all tie in to her in-lore appearance as Inazuma’s premier fireworks handler. Ayaka Kamisato describes Yoimiya as someone who can create incredible firework displays, but that she has a tendency to go overboard, as the fire department is often called after her shows. Considering the fact, that these information might also get changed with the final release and these are just some Genshin Impact leaks.

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