George Russell describes his ‘Painful Experience’ after first F1 race

George Russell talks about his dreadful debut race in 2019

George Russell

Like every other driver making his F1 debut, George Russell was similar when he made his F1 debut in 2019. But it didn’t last as a happy memory when Russell got every ounce of his energy sucked in his debut itself. Furthermore, he dealt with body soreness due to the massive G-forces the car managed to generate, especially around fast corners. 

Amid such facts about single-seaters, George Russell finally opened up about his first-ever experience of driving an F1 car. Having said that, Russell has managed to jump past those early blues and is already in pursuit of a drive at the championship-winning team, Mercedes. 

What did George Russell say? 

Speaking to GQ Magazine, Russell opened up that he couldn’t stand up straight after experiencing his first F1 race at Albert Park in 2019. 

When I finished my first race, I couldn’t stand up straight. I was curled up on the floor in a ball. That’s how it was for the first four or five GPs because my body just wasn’t used to the G-forces an F1 car generates. 

“It was awful,” he said. 

George Russell felt that the traveling, “different hotels, different food” and other such aspects take a toll on the drivers’ physical and mental health. 

Prior to the debut race weekend at the 2019 Australian GP, Russell apparently took part in a two-day testing session following the Hungarian GP back in 2017. 

And yet again, he admitted that it was merely an enjoyable day, as the after-effects were over the roof. “It was at the Hungaroring in 2017. I came back in and my eyes were bloodshot. My neck was in so much pain,” he said. 

You’re strapped in and pulling five or 6G through some of the corners. And everything inside your body is basically trying to move.” 

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