Should Sebastian Vettel had taken a year off? Former F1 Driver Gerhard Berger feels so

Gerhard Berger feels Vettel should have taken a year off to come back stronger

Sebastian Vettel

After the horrendous 2020 season, Sebastian Vettel entered the next with Aston Martin, looking to resurrect to his best. But his start to the 2021 campaign has been fruitful in any way. Many have felt that Vettel should haven a year off to come back stronger, this includes the likes of former F1 driver Gerhard Berger. 

After coming 15th at Bahrain GP, Imola was Sebastian Vettel‘s chance at redemption and show the world that he still has what it takes. However, the German had brake issues before the lights went out, and on top of that, he had gearbox issues that saw him retire from the race. 

Gerhard Berger on Sebastian Vettel 

As quoted by, Gerhard Berger stated, “Wouldn’t it have been better to take a year off? From today’s perspective, Yes!”. But the observation period is still too short. I wouldn’t want to draw conclusions after two races.” (Translated via Google Translate) 

Upon being asked if Vettel could still win races, Gerhard Berger replied, “From my own experience, I know: the time will come when you have passed your zenith. You have to take this development into account. If you are a successful racing driver and continue to pursue the sport with all your experience and passion, that can still lead to good success. “ 

It is not only Berger who has felt so, even Helmut Marko had the same feeling for the 4-time World Champion. Marko feels his ex-driver should have not been on the grid for 2021. 

As quoted by Formel 1, the Red Bull advisor said, “I was of the opinion […] he should take a year off, sort things out, ask himself what he wants. I believe that a lot is possible within Formula 1 next year.” (Translated via Google Translate) 

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