“Getting noticed by fans is important”, John Cena’s advice to Candice Michelle

Former WWE Women’s Champion Candice Michelle reveals the piece of advice she received from John Cena. Michelle was last seen on WWE in 2019.

John Cena and Candice Michelle

16-time WWE World Champion John Cena had an interesting piece of advice for Candice Michelle. This was when she was an active WWE wrestler. Cena explained Michelle the importance of fans for a wrestler.

The former WWE Women’s Champion Candice Michelle revealed that Cena told her how important it was to get reaction from the fans. Whether the fans loved her or hated her was unimportant. But getting noticed by them was of utmost importance.

Michelle recently appeared for an interview with WrestlingInc. Michelle revealed during the interview the level of influence John Cena had on her career. Cena’s words of wisdom always helped her in moving forward.

I’ve always been very loyal to WWE. I’ve never taken anything personal. I remember talking to John Cena and he told me, ‘when you are starting to get noticed, get the fans to get behind you or hate you, you’ve done your job.”

Cena has always been a morale booster for the talent backstage. His advice to the young and upcoming WWE talent is bound to help them in going a long way.

Candice Michelle’s WWE run

Candice Michelle

The former WWE Women’s Champion had been an important part of the Women’s division from 2004-2009. Interestingly, prior to joining WWE, she had no experience of pro-wrestling.

Despite that, Michelle managed to impress the WWE Universe. She was last seen on WWE in 2019, when she managed to win the WWE 24/7 Championship. Michelle pinned Kelly Kelly to win the title. But she held it for just 24 seconds, before losing it to Alundra Blayze, at RAW Reunion.

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