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“Gilbert Burns and I both know who wins this weekend,” says Kamaru Usman

Kamaru Usman gave some strong statements about Gilbert Burns and Demian Mia.

Kamaru Usman and Gilbert Burns

The welterweight champion Kamaru Usman is going to face his former team-mate and long-time friend Gilbert Burns in a title match at UFC 258.

In the pre-fight conference Kamaru Usman gave his insights on how he approaches this fight and what are his thoughts moving into this fight with his former team-mate. Daniel Cormier recently stated that “when you face your team-mate or someone you know very well; you know who’s going to win.”

When Usman was asked to reflect upon this statement he said, “Gilbert Burns and I both know who wins this weekend, when a top guy leaves the gym, they start pushing the second-best guy and tells him that you can beat that guy and that’s exactly the case here.”

When asked if this fight is personal or not, he said, “When I step into that octagon there are no friends and Gilbert said that he knows me and he knows what I have and he’s going to take that away from me, what can be more personal than that.”

The tension is growing between these two and it doesn’t look like the friendship element is still there.

“In a submission match of course Demian Mia and Gilbert Burns can defeat me but it’s a MMA match and I’m a better Mixed Martial artist,” says Kamaru Usman

Kamaru Usman, Demian Mia and Gilbert Burns

Kamaru Usman believes that his overall game is stronger than anyone, Gilbert Burns said that he can tap Kamaru Usman and he knows it. When asked about the same Usman said that “I and Burns both fought Demian Mia and Mia took Burns down and got him in some trouble but the same wasn’t the case with me.”

“If it’s a submission showdown sure both of them can defeat me but its’ an MMA match and I’m a better Mixed Martial Artist and that’s where I separate myself from the rest.”

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