Gilbert Burns Wants Leon To Prove Himself By Taking His Revenge on Jorge Masvidal

UFC welterweight contender Gilbert Burns was supposed to fight Kamaru Usman at UFC 251 but as he was tested positive for the coronavirus. He was replaced by Jorge Masvidal on a six day short notice. Burns didn’t show any surprise over Kamaru Usman successfully defending his title against Masvidal. Rather he turned the fight boring. Besides that Burns also spoke about Leon Edward’s hopes of getting the title shot at 170 lbs title.

Burns had passed a lot of challenges in the UFC welterweight division to get a title shot with Usman at UFC 251 but fate had some other problems. However, there are still chances that he might get another chance. There was a lot of hype between Usman and Masvidal and that made fight roughly 1.3 million viewers. But Burns seemed disappointed with the fight as it didn’t live to the expectations of crowd.

Burns said that though he was happy with the fight, he knew that the fight would ne boring. “I was very happy with the result of the fight. It couldn’t have gone any better. I knew the fight was going down that way, that it would be boring, but I had Kamaru winning by decision (heading in). I believed—even if both guys had a full training camp—that Kamaru would beat him. If you’re just a striker, he’s gonna take you down, he’s gonna hold you down, beat you down and make you tired. Now, it is what it is. Kamaru is gonna take his time off, I’m gonna take my time off and as soon as he says he’s good, we’re gonna go in there and fight for the title.”, Burns added.

Dana White, the UFC President has already announced that Burns is next to fight for the title at 170 against Usman. But Leon Edwards has claimed that he should had been the first to fight Usman next as he has the current longest win streak in the division. But Burns was not convinced and said that he should first prove himself by taking his revenge from Masvidal who gave him the “three piece and a soda.”

Burns further commented on his claim, saying that he agrees Leon has won eight fights in a row but that was long ago. “Then he fought RDA on my birthday last year. I’ve fought four times, almost five. You can’t blame it on the pandemic. He fights once or twice a year. I went in there and fought Woodley, dominated him, and then he gets a title shot? Because I beat the guy that he was supposed to beat? I’m next. Take that three piece and a soda back. I’m from Rio, I would take that three piece and soda back, 100-percent. I would want to finish that business first.”, Burns added.

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