“It’s pressure all the time,” Glover Teixeira reveals his game plan against Jan Blachowicz

Glover Teixeira reveals his strategy against Jan Blachowicz.

Glover Teixeira Jan Blachowicz
Glover Teixeira vs Jan Blachowicz

After defeating Israel Adesanya in his first title defense Jan Blachowicz promised Glover Teixeira his long-awaited title shot at the light-heavyweight title at UFC 266.

Glover Teixeira Jan Blachowicz
Glover Teixeira and Jan Blachowicz

In an interview with Ag Fight, Glover talked about this fight and said, “My strategy is to impose my game. We can’t give away too many details, how it’s going to be, what he does and how we’ll around it. But it’s to pressure all the time. Pressure more than Adesanya. Adesanya likes to play on the outside, I like to move in.”

He added, “Sure, I take more risks, but it’s pressure all the time. Grappling, too. You need to respect him, he’s coming off good wins, and follow the plan. Get in, hit him, get out and take him down at the right time so we can work our ground game.”

Glover is getting his second title shot after losing the fight to Jon Jones back in 2014, Glover is getting old and this might be the last title run for him and he is looking to become the champion before he retires for good.

“It’s been a long road,” Glover Teixeira reflects back on his journey to the title match against Jan Blachowicz

Glover Teixeira
Glover Teixeira

In the same interview Teixeira talked about his journey, he said, “I always believed I would get that belt, that I would get there. I lost to guys who went on to fight for the belt, like Anthony Johnson, Alexander Gustafsson. I kept coming up short, but my fight against ‘Marreta’ was going to put me there. I told myself: ‘This is the time’. I got the win and I always believed.”

“It’s been a long road.” Teixeira continued. “I was there and saw the chance. I won’t say it was easy, but we’re here again now. I’ve been happily chasing this dream. We gather experience in life. We do many wrong things that we eventually get it right. I just want things to flow so I can keep doing what I love.”

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