GodLike Esports: GodL disbands their Valorant Roster

One of the Top 5 Valorant Teams of India, GodLike Esports disbands their whole roster. Know all about it here:

One of the most successful and talented Valorant teams, GodL disbands. This news took the Indian Gaming community by surprise.

GodLike Esports disbanded

GodLike Esports is an Indian esports organization. GodLike Esports formed their Valorant team with 5 extremely talented players and the team got better with each addition.

The community and organization always had high hopes from the team but unfortunately, the team never went to anything near the top. The team was definitely one of the top 5 Valorant teams of India but after their star player, Deathmaker’s departure the team just fell short in every tournament.

GodLike Esports disbands their Valorant Roster
GodLike E-sports disbands their Valorant Roster

The team consisted of:

Shane “Whitehorse” Kariwow

Vishal “haiVaan” Sharma

Nikhil “Flexx” Govind

Tejas “Rexy” Kotian

Sabyasachi “Antidote” Bose

On their official handle Godlike Esports posted,“Following a few unfortunate events, we say goodbye to our Valorant Roster.
We are eternally thankful for the success we have achieve
d together. The memories we share are unforgettable. We wish them all the best in their future endeavours.
haiVaan is a crucial part of GodLike will be staying as a Content Creator.”

GodLike Esports disbands their Valorant Roster
GodLike Esports disbands their Valorant Roster

Rumors are Debanjan “Deathmaker” Das, their ex-star player will join Velocity Gaming. Velocity Gaming is one of the top 2 best teams if not the best team in India.

Now that haiVaan is the only one left in GodL as a content creator, the rest four players are free agents now and maybe we will see them in new jerseys very soon.

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